**Week 6 Matchups**

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    Oct 6, 2009
    **Week 6 Matchups**

    Week 6 Matchups

    -Vanderbilt at Northwestern(cp3)
    -Ole Miss at South Carolina(shadow)
    -LSU(gsolo) at UF
    -Michigan(JCA) at Mich. St.
    -Illiniois at Iowa(Frisk)
    -Maryland at Washington(Wdunn)
    -Auburn(Dean) at Miss. St.

    **Game of the Week**
    -Stanford(BAKEdaSNAKE) at USC(JFunk)

    Alright guys we're gonna get this thing rocking again. I'd like to keep it as fast moving as it was before because that's what made it s fun. Let's do it.

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