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Week 6 Packers (26) at Seahawks (12)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Miklos_Nyiszli, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Sep 16, 2010
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    Week 6 Packers 26 at Seahawks 12

    By kar19862006@yahoo.com (Miklos_Nyiszli)
    Published: December 19, 2010

    What a Ugly Game!!

    The Packers coming in with a 2 game losing streak will be put to test going up against the 3-2 Seahawks coming off a hot win against the Rams. This game will be a barn burner and then u would show up to the game and see all the ugly rain and bad field.

    To start the game the Packers win the toss and pick to kick the ball. Seahawks r looking to start off on the ground with all the nasty rain and bad field. They then go 3 and out to start out the game with 3 straight running plays and the Packers d holding them back. Packers then get the ball and try them selfs to get the running going with Rookie Brandon Boutte who hits a hole and is never to be seen again with a 83 yard TD run. The Packers then shut down the Seahawks once again and getting the ball down the field but have to seattle for 3. Following kick off Moss just jukes everyone out of their shoes running 101 yards for a TD but they miss the extra point. At the end of the 1st it is 10 to 6.

    With all the bad rain and nasaty field both defense playing tough not much was going on for both teams. Some how GB did find a way to get a FG taking a halftime lead of 13-6.
    2nd half would just start off with GB getting the ball and tryin every he can to get something going again but he was 3 and out same with the Seahawks. Then GB gets the ball back and gets it to Rookie WR Sealli Davis for a 78 yard TD taking a 20 to 6 lead that would be the ending score for a 3rd also with GB driving back down the field.

    Starting of the 4th Ryan Grant comes up big with a big time TD run up the middle but GB miss the extra point taking a 26 to 6 lead. The Seahawk still were not giving up and finally getting something going on offense to get the ball down the field to have Rookie QB Austin hit Turner for a 1 yard TD pass. They go for 2 points but fail and then hope to get something going with defense. They stop the Packers and get the ball back but Austin throws a big INT to MLB Nick Barnett to end the game 26 to 12.

    Good Game and hope u get healthy soon.

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