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Week 6 Packers(52) vs Bears(24)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Miklos_Nyiszli, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Miklos_Nyiszli

    Miklos_Nyiszli Walk On

    Sep 16, 2010
    A much Heated division rival with the Packers and Bears.

    Bears win the coin toss and decide to kick off. At the point the Packers never looked back driving down the field on Aaron Rodgers and to end with Finley 27 yard TD pass. Packers defense stops the bears forcing them to punt the ball. The Packers then came back to try out the running game and not having much problem there with Boutte finishing the drive with a 4yard td run. Bears hoping to get something going end up driving down the field but only able to get 3 points to end the first 14-3 Packers leading the way.

    The 2nd quarter starts with the Packers driving down the field once agains and finish with Boutte 2 yard TD run. Bears hoping not to just get 3 points again they drive down the field and Culter finds a whole to get a 8 yard TD run. Boutte waste no time in putting the defense back on the field once he hit the wildcat run for 86 yards and a 3rd TD run. Bears still holding onto some hope start driving again and able to get back in endzone with Forte 2yard TD run. Packers hoping to get another score before the end of the half just because they know the Bears get the ball to start the half. Rodgers then ends up throwing a pick but the defense able to hold the Bears to a 3 and out. Rodgers then hits some deep passes to get Crosby a 48 yard FG to give the Packers a 31 to 17 half time lead.

    The 2nd half starts with the Bears not able to do much with the ball and end up giving it back to the hot Packers. Rodgers doing everything he can just to make sure GB can keep some playoff hopes alive ends the drive with a 3yard td run giving the Packers a 38 to 17 lead to end the 3rd.

    The 4th starts with the Bears finally getting a 2nd half drive doing and finishing with Knox 16 yard TD run. Packers get the ball back and figure the defense out to hit Jennings for a 74 yard TD. Bears get the ball back but only to have Culter fumble the ball inside the 20. Packers tryin to run some clock but run out of field and have Starks run for a 2yard TD run. Bears trying to get some stats to help them look a little better but only to have Culter throw a pick on the 1yardline to end the game.

    GG Chrisdstan and hope u the best with the rest of ur season.

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