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Week 7 Browns (48) Saints (17)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Gabeastmode, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Gabeastmode

    Gabeastmode Walk On

    Jun 1, 2010
    Week 7 Browns (48) Saints (17)

    Folks this was a big game for the Browns next couple weeks the schedule gets a little harder. Coach Beastmode comments " we played are butts off " with a smile the Saints are missing a lot we understand that with no doubt this game would have been different. Browns want let that stop there road to the playoffs. Stats pretty much the Browns showed why they are rated #2 team overall dominating in all stats except kick return yards. Browns manage to give up 141 yards total offense 81 of those are rushing with the remaining 60 passing yards. The rushing attack for the Browns was a beast ass Harrison racked up 101 with 2 td's along with rookie Hardesty 107 and also 2 td's. So far this season the Browns run game has been on point except vs Bengals when the butt whoopin came. New Orleans was held to 6 first down as the Browns got 16. Total yards the Saints 317 and Browns 442 with a stingy cleveland defense who also manage to force 5 turnover to help out Jake Delhomme who fumbled early in the game for a touchdown and thrown a interception. Wright,Hamlin, and A. Thomas all got the interception from the Saints young quarterbacks. One stat that stands out was 3rd down conversion N.O only had 4 attempts and went for 50%. Browns had 14 attempts and got 78% the ball was moving great also not having to punt the ball one time I don't think that ever happen before. GG Nate

    Key player stats:

    J. Delhomme 14/20 178 2 td 1 int
    D. Culpepper 4/6 37

    J. Harrison 22 att 101 2 td
    M. Hardesty 15 att 107 2 td

    R. Bush 11 att 68 1 td

    B. Watson 5 rec 95 1 td

    D. Henderson 3 rec 63

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