WEEK 7 Eagles 27 Cowboys 3

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    Oct 8, 2009
    WEEK 7 Eagles 27 Cowboys 3

    Cowboys get ball first to start us off, but a turnover puts a halt, but the eagles are stuffed and punt it back to the cowboys, D.Buehler Hits 48YD FG to get the boys up 3-0

    Peyton Manning Hits R.Toliver 17yds For the Touchdown for the eagles first lead 7-3, a fumble ends a good cowboys drive , Hauschka hits a 50yd FG Makes it 10-3, cowboys ball with under 2min left in the 2nd qt, great drive gets all the way to 2yard line but clock runs out on them 10-3 Halftime

    Eagles Get Ball to start 3rd qt, and Manning Again Hits Toliver 34 yds for the TD 17 to 3 Eagles lead, Romo Has another INT, and Bush caps another TD with a 34yd run 24-3 3rd quarter, after a failed 4th down by the cowboys, Eagles add another FG 27-3 and that was ballgame

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