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Week 7 Falcons 27 Bengals 7

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by dritsch, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. dritsch

    dritsch Walk On

    Dec 9, 2009
    Week 7 Falcons 27 Bengals 7

    Subbed for Obisan since he has major disco issues.

    Game started off with a few punts by each side due to some solid defense, with the first quarter seeing no points. Atlanta finally was able to break through on a deep ball to WR Douglas for a 61yd TD. After some more solid Atl D, RB Turner was able to bust one up the gut for 57yds and a score. They were also able to add a FG near the end of the half. 17-0 Falcons

    Cincy put a quick drive together at the beginning of the 3rd and capped it off with a 11yd run by RB Benson. Rest of the game however belonged to the Falcons. With the Bengals blitzing almost every play to stop the run, QB Redman hit WR Douglas yet again on a quick out route that went for 56yds and a score. Atl added a FG for good measure. Final score 27-7 gg


    QB Redman 15\24 233yds 2 TDs 2ints
    RB Turner 18atts 114yds 1 TD
    WR Douglas 4recs 126yds 2 TDs (Player of the Game)


    QB Palmer 10\31 147yds 3ints
    RB Benson 11atts 38yds 1 TD
    TE Gresham 2recs 49yds

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