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Week 7 GOTW Eagles @ Panthers

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mugga, Oct 2, 2015.


Week 7 GOTW Eagles vs Panthers

Poll closed Oct 5, 2015.
  1. Eagles 4-2

    2 vote(s)
  2. Panthers 4-1

    6 vote(s)
  1. Mugga

    Mugga Walk On

    Oct 30, 2013
    image.jpeg (4-2)After a big win @ home against there division Rival the NY Giants , Coach W.Seals takes his Eagles high powered offense on the road lead by there work horse running back Demarco Murray coming off a 16 carry 154 yards rushing game.Murray and the Eagles will try to get another winning streak going this week in Carolina.

    The Carolina Panthers are 4-1 only losing there week 1 game against the Jaguars they find there selves @ the top of the NFC south right now.Carolina shocked many last week dominating the Madden Favoured Seattle Seahawks 23-3 the Panthers are another team who believe in there running attack.Veteran running back Jonathon Stewart who is the starter again in the backfield with the departure of Deangelo Williams has been averaging close to 90 yards per game.Panthers running game has been making QB Cam Newton game that much easier since its been so effective as of late.The Panthers will be trying to protect home field on this Sunday night football game.
    Good luck Gents,

    Cast ur votes fellas

    dablakpope -Jets
    MrWitness36 - Bears
    Mugga - Chiefs
    heathh - Seahawks
    thafuture3886 - Lions
    ThaBayouChef - Titans
    coachmimz - Jaguars
    DarkKnight89 - Giants
    Studley2011 - Panthers
    lboogie - Redskins
    Konvict27 - Ravens
    Jeffrey Hartle - Dolphins
    independent739 - Bills
    Gene Robinson - Vikings
    Julius Young - Cardinals
    coltronsauce - Titans
    CaptMoe - Cowboys
    capp34 - Saints
    dakota7 - Patriots
    ASinghal31 - Chargers
    Casino - Buccaneers
    Aaron (AG) - Bengals
    Triple111's - Broncos
    Nasir - Packers
    mickey13 - Rams
    Mogriffjr - Colts
    wSeals9 -Eagles
    Jai Childs - Falcons
    GovernedSpy - 49ers
    Bony_DaSnowman -Browns
    cry_havoc - Raiders

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