Week 7:Houston Texans(38) @ Indy Colts(44) OT

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    Week 7:Houston Texans(38) @ Indy Colts(44) OT

    I cant believe slacked on posting up a recap of this game. It was one for the ages.

    The common trend of Madden 11 has been offense-offense-offense and this game didnt disappoint.

    For 4+ quarters these teams exchanged score after score, TD after TD.

    3:34 seconds into the 4th quarter and down by 7, Colts RB Joseph Addai takes it 17-yards for the tieing score.

    The Colts defense would finally tighten up and force a Texan punt on the next possession.

    Less that 3 minutes after Addai ties the game, Manning hit Reggie Wayne on a 79-yard scoring strike that gave Indy the 7 point lead with 1:02 remaining on the game clock.

    Just as Coach Jeremy was celebrating his 2nd straight win as Colts HC, Miracle Matt Schaub hits WR Anderson on beautiful 72-yard pass right over 3 Colts DB's whom forgot how to play Cover 3.

    Game tied 38-38.

    Colts win the toss and end the game on a Manning to Garcon 12-yd TD in tha back of the endzone.


    Schaub 11-18 309yds 3 TDs
    Slaton 11att 179yds 2 TDs
    Jones 4rec 130yds 2 TDs
    Okoye 2 sacks

    Manning 27-38 432yds 3 TDs 1 Int
    Addai 20att 128yds 2 TDs
    Wayne 9rec 169yds 1 TD

    Great Game Moogle!!!(y)

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