Week 7: Niners 27 - Panthers 14

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    Week 7: Niners 27 - Panthers 14

    Game started off with Carolina getting the ball and putting a nice drive together, which ended on a Reed TD thrown by rookie QB Jake Scott. The Niners answered with a drive of their own, ending on a 1yd TD run by rookie FB Erik Pollard.

    Starting in the 2nd quarter, Panthers once again were able to put a nice drive together against the tough Niners D. However it ended with a Dry Bly pick 6, 99yds for the TD. From there on out it was basically all Niners. After a Carolina punt, Niners took over with about 3 minutes left in the first half. SF was able to use up all the clock and put up 6 more on a Vernon Davis TD.

    The rest of the game was Niners controlling the ball, putting up a couple field goals, while Carolina scored in garbage time. SF definitely missed RB Donald Brown, as Glenn Coffee had trouble carrying the full load.


    QB Nate Davis 13\15 169yds 1 TD (Player of the Game)
    RB Glenn Coffee 15atts 50yds
    FB Erik Pollard 4atts 15yds 1 TD
    WR Mike Thomas 4recs 75yds
    LB Patrick Willis 4tkls 2sacks


    QB Jake Scott 15\22 171yds 2 TDs 1int
    RB Deangelo Williams 11atts 75yds
    WR J. Reed 5recs 38yds 2 TDs
    LB T. Davis 6tkls

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