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Week 7 Season 3

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by T2, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. T2

    T2 Smarter than your average bear!

    Jul 26, 2009
    Only a couple games left. Bama, Cimmy and ND. Lets go fellas... we are all kinda stumbling around like drunkards.. lets get back on track and get through another great season. Also our content has been dropping off. i would like to get this started back up. I am going to do a few things and hope the rest of you will follow. But if you have something you want to do or think it will benefit us, then by all means please do it.. we have been very successful this year going July - Dec and only replaced 2 guys. Thats Fucking Awesome fellas!!!! Its only 7 more months til NCAA 2012 is out...
  2. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Hawaii dominates Boise for a Signature win for CoachGrad.

    Boise- Hawaii came out with 1 purpose to dominate the game and Beat Boise St without WunderKid Kellen Moore as he Finally Graduated as he just made life Hell for the Warriors. Corey Phillips was the New man under center or Behind it. Hawaii came out and made a defensive stand and made Boise punt on the 1st possession. Then Hawaii came out and Threw the ball behind the new offense they have worked with this year. Boise found it very difficult to cover the recievers of the Warriors and it showed. Hawaii got a defensive pick on Boise's opening possession and the Warriors drove it down and scored on a Foster TD and a 7-0 Hawaii Lead. Not this Year was the Chant by the Warrior Crowd as Boise then drove it down and scored on a hb dive and the game was tied 7 all. Then Hawaii scored with a good drive to Boise's goalline and kicked a fg to put Hawaii ahead 10-7. Then the Defense of the Warriors shut out Boise in the 2nd Quarter as Hawaii scored Twice with a Spain to Lau TD pass and then Foster ran it in again for the 2nd time and Hawaii now led 24-7 at the Half. Then in the 2nd Half Hawaii was Driving and Spain was Knocked from the game and now Thompson (Fresh) took over for Hawaii. Didn't matter as Thompson found MJ for a TD and a 31-7 Hawaii Lead. The Warrior Band and Crowd were doing the Hawaiin Dance as they could not believe their eyes. Hawaii Dominating Boise. Then Boise scored as Phillips found Moore and cut the lead to 31-13. Then in the 4th quarter Hawaii (starting in the 3rd) chewed up a big drive taking precious seconds on the clock and Hawaii Kicked a FG and extended the lead to 34-13. Then Boise punted and Hawaii chewed up another drive chewing up time and Kicked another FG for a 37-13 lead. Then with the Hawaii subs in Boise scored near the end of the game and failed on the 2 pnt and Hawaii ran out the clock and a Huge 37-19 Domination of Boise St.

    Gatorade bath galore as CG got 2 of them as he was carried off the field. Hawaii now is 4-3 and 3-1 in Conference play.

    Thompson played well subing for Spain and Both QB's did well No Int's. Spain threw for 257 and 1 td before his injury in the 3rd Q. Thompson threw for 113 and 1 td. Foster ran for 44 yrds and scored twice inside the red zone for the Warriors. The Player of the Game went to the Kicker Duncan who was 4-4 on xtra points and 3-3 on FG for 13 huge points.

    Hawaii is now in 2nd place behind FS and Hopes they Tumble so they can take 1st place.

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