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Week 8: Bears 24 Bills 23

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Bluebean, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Bluebean

    Bluebean Kansas City Chiefs

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 8: Bears 24 Bills 23

    The Chicago Bears defeated the Buffalo Bills 24-23 in a good game between two teams with hopes of making the playoffs this season. The Bills allowed 3 TD's on the Bears first 3 possessions to fall behind 21-7 in the 2nd Quarter. The Bills defense then dominated while the Bills offense scored 3 FG's and a TD to score 16 straight and take a 23-21 lead with just a few minutes to play. The Bears drove down the field to kick a FG with 50 seconds left to give them a 24-23 lead. The Bears then kicked a squib kick out of bounds which gave the Bills the ball at their own 40 with 50 seconds left and no timeouts. Coach Bluebean then made some really dumb play calls which caused a couple of sacks and then an interception to seal the win for the Bears.

    Bears 5-3
    Bills 3-4
  2. chrisdstan

    chrisdstan Walk On

    Jul 29, 2009


    Edwards: 22-10 1 int 141 yards

    Cutler: 22-13 1 td 220 yards


    Evans: 4-54, he was killing me up the middle dam him

    Knox 3-85 1 td

    Neives 2at 2td's lol he ran the ball because everyone else was tired

    Lynch 19-103 1td's


    Urlacher 7tackles

    Tinoisamoa, P 4 tackles 1 sack 1 FFMB

    Vasher 3tackels 1int

    Mitchell, K 3 tackles 1 sack 1 FFMB

    Posluszny, P 5 tackles

    That int that vasher had sealed the game.

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