Week 8 Bengals(45)-Dolphins(37)

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    Feb 19, 2010
    Week 8 Bengals(45)-Dolphins(37)

    Real good game today as the Bengals who took control early with a swarming D could not keep away from the track meet that ended up happening. Cincy had a lead of 21-3 late in the second quarter but Henne and the Fish came back with a fury time and again. In the end though just a bit too much Carson Palmer and Ced Benson as the Bengals held off Miami 45-37. For Miami Ronnie Brown had a nice day and Henne was mixing it around to TE Fasano, WR Bess and Brandon Marshall. Every time Cincy got a lead and the ball Palmer would turn it over including a late 3rd qrt pick 6 to Shawn Smith that drew Miami o within 4. The Bengals would get their ground game going at that point on a long drive capped off by a Bernard Scott 3rd and goal run.
    Few big plays in the game were Eddie Royal's 96 yd KOR for a TD, also a 4th and inches for the Bengals that they converted with a nasty cross wind blowing from the Miami 38. A Robert Griffith fumble and the Smith pick 6 led to 14 pts for Miami. Also Miami missed a FG and a 2p conversion late that could have made the outcome different. GG as usual Stang and good luck.

    Carson Palmer 24-33-370 2 TD's 2 int's
    Ochocinco 8-143 and 2 td's
    Ced Benson 25-114-2 td's as well

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