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Week 8 Cardinals 24 49ers 10

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by CoachWest, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    This week pitted two NFC West foes for their first match-up this season. Last year the 49ers won both matches, with the later one in a decisive fashion. But, like all division games, on any given Sunday the 6-0 9ers were in for a game against the 3-3 Cardinals.

    The 9ers won the toss and elected to kick to the Cardinals. After minimal movement the Cards were forced to kick, and the 9ers took over deep in their own territory. The 9ers manage to mix it up all the way down field with the redzone movement coming on the legs of Frank Gore. 1 yard out Gore finishes the drive in the endzone, 7-0 9ers. Cardinals receive the kick and get a little more aggressive on offense by testing the 9ers air defense. Skelton find Hakeem Nicks on a post route down the middle breaking away form his defender, and he throws it 29 yards to the 2 yard line right in front of the safety. Sproles punches it is from 2 yards out to finish the drive, 7-7 Cards.

    End of First 7-7 tied

    The second quarter starts out with the 49ers driving after the kickoff but a long field goal attempt goes short and the Cards get the ball back on the 20 with about 4 min in the half. The Cards drive down the field and get deep into the redzone on the back of Beanie Wells and with some tight clock management, put them in position to get the QB sneak in the endzone with 3 secs left, 14-7 Cards.

    Halftime 14-7 Cardinals

    The third quarter saw a more aggressive 9er defense to start off the half by taking to the air. On a deep crossing pattern DB Mike Huff finds a good position between QB and Receiver and he takes the INT back 55 yards for the TD, 21-7 Cards. 9ers get back the ball and drive down to the Card 18 yrd line after a big Greydon catch, but are unable to punch it it and are forced to kick, 21-10 Cards. The Cards receive the kick and in an effort to put the game away early they throw a INT to D. Robinson deep down the field and the 9ers get back the ball. The 9ers end the quarter driving down the field.

    3rd 21-10 Cardinals

    The 4th quarter was pretty quick as the 9ers had to make up some ground in the air, they fall short, and are forced to punt. The Cards take over, decide to play it safe and put themselves in FG range with a 34yrd FG, 24-10 Cards. This woudl be the last score of the game Final Score

    24-10 Cardinals over 49ers

    GG Dritsch, be easy on me next time we play... I feel the target on my back already ;)

    John Skelton finished the game with poor ovr numbers but put the Cards in scoring position multiple times with some solid throws.The Cards defense also stepped up holding the 9ers offense to under 300 for the whole game which was a HUGE improvement over last season.

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