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Week#8 Chargers 37 Colts 10

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by sammymitchell25, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. sammymitchell25

    sammymitchell25 Walk On

    Oct 12, 2009
    Neither of these 2 teams saw their season go the way they thought it would so far, but its not too late to turn things around.

    It got ugly early for the home team Colts as on the first possession of the game, Peyton Manning throws a costly INT right to CB Cason who takes it back to the house for the first score of the game giving the visiting Chargers an early 7-0 lead.

    Chargers would get the ball right back after a Colts punt and get right back to business, starting with the run as always, mixing up a few throws in, eventually finding go-to TE Gates for a 37-yard TD to put the Chargers up 14-0 quickly in the first, and thats how the 1st quarter would end.

    Second quarter, the Colts showed signs of life on offense, after a Kaeding FG to put the Chargers up 17-0, the Colts take the ball and find the endzone with a Pierre Thomas 4 yard TD run, making the score 17-7 SD. Chargers would drive down the field and add another FG 20-7. But the Colts would not go away as they score right before the half with a big 53 yd FG getting within 10, 20-10 SD

    Second half, Chargers receive, and answer hitting Gates once again, this time for 81 long yards to paydirt pulling away 27-10, also adding a FG in the third, Chargers take a commanding lead 30-10 heading into the 4th.

    Turnovers were the story in this game as Peyton Manning and the Colts could not get anything going all day on offense or defense, throwing 4 interceptions will almost always bury a teams chances to win the game, Chargers would add insult to injury, hitting WR Mike Thomas on a 51 yard TD pass from Rivers ***( Juan, I really did not mean to throw this pass for a TD, I dont want u to thing i was running up the score on u. I just didnt think that play would end up a TD, sorry man)*** to seal the game 37-10.

    Chargers would get another late INT, 4th of the game for Manning and the Colts, which Weddle took right out-of-bounds not to make things worse

    ****Good game Juan, just too many turnovers, you'll get the passing game down, believe me, I thought i had it figured out, barely missed the playoffs last season. This year im 2-6 and lead the league in INTs at the moment. One good thing to take from this game is you held me in the red-zone, I was 0-3 in the redzone, I was inside the 5 yd line 3 times and no TDs

    GL going forward


    Rivers- 12-19 330 yds 3 TDs
    Mathews- 26 car 86 yds
    Gates- 4 rec 173 yds 2 TDs
    M. Thomas- 2 rec 60 yds TD
    Tolbert- 2 rec 52 yds

    Manning- 9-24 130 yds 4 INTs
    P.Thomas- 14 car 44 yds TD
    R.Wayne- 2 rec 36 yds
    D.Clark- 2 rec 44 yds
  2. juanchoCT14

    juanchoCT14 Walk On

    Nov 28, 2010
    good game man...no worries on that last TD, that didn't even go through my head - all i thought about was how bad my D was but you couldnt even scored a couple more times which you didnt (and i wouldnt have said anything if you did, i deserved it!!!)....yea, i'm still trying to get use to these defenders reading almost every route my wrs go on - it's the first time i'm playng in all-madden as in the league i had played in that past we went with AP so it's going to take some time to get use to...and to add insult to injury (no pun intended), my starting mlb (brackett 3 weeks), rb (pierre thomas - 7 weeks) kr (Lucas 8 weeks) are hurt to go along with already injured re mathis..not looking good
    good game

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