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Week 8: Chargers @ Browns

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Ace847, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Ace847

    Ace847 Walk On

    Jun 15, 2012
    Coming off of a bye week the Chargers were a little rusty and drowsy after traveling across the U.S. for their match-up against the Browns. Coach Ski was happy to make it out of the pound with a win and said "its not an easy place to play because the fans are loud and they've created somewhat of an intimidating culture in Cleveland."

    The bright spot for the Bolts today was their defense. They allowed less than 150 yards, picked Weeden off 4 times, and got to the QB another four times. As for the Chargers opponent, the bright spot for the Browns was also their defense....holding one of the leagues best rushers to 74 yards on 27 carries (less than 3 ypc)! If it wasn't for Matthews' 24 yard td run in the 3rd quarter we are talking about 26 carries for 50 yards! The Browns' defense is legit TLY. Add to that D'Qwelll Jackson's 13 total tackles (4 for a loss) and Haden's 86 yard TD return and your talking about a solid day for the Browns on defense. Listen to this stat: The Browns had 13 total tackles for a loss in this game and only two of them were sacks! Good work dj illmatic 23.

    This game breaks down quite easily after seeing the above defensive breakdown. In the first quarter Weeden threw a pick and gave the Chargers good field position for Rivers to put together a few nice passes to end it with a Ryan Matthews TD. In the second quarter Weeden threw some more picks and the Chargers made the Browns pay with two fg's. It was 13-0 at halftime.

    In the third quarter Matthews broke off a nice 24 yard run to put the Chargers up 20-0 only to have Phil Dawson sink a 54 yarder in 11 mph winds! The fourth quarter after being completely shutdown on the ground the Chargers decide to try and pass for a first down in the red-zone and Joe Haden jumps the route and takes it 86 yards to pay dirt to bring the Browns back into the game (20-10). the Browns were able to force a punt but were not able to get anything going and the Chargers came out on top in this one.

    Player of the game: SS Darrell Stuckey with 2 crucial interceptions on the day.

    Chargers: 20 Browns: 10
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  2. dj illmatic 23

    dj illmatic 23 Walk On

    Jun 5, 2012
    If this were real life, my defensive players would beat the hell out of my QB and WR's. My defense plays great, but my offense is garbage. Weeden constantly overthrows receivers, and then when he is on target they drop the ball. Trent Richardson can't find any running room, because he's constantly running against 8 man fronts. Hopefully I can find a receiver or two in the draft. Enough of my problems though. GG Danny. You played well on both sides of the ball.

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