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Week 8 eagles 30 redskins 27

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by VishaL, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. VishaL

    VishaL OMFL Eagles / PMFL Seahawks

    Oct 8, 2009
    We are in Philly today as the Washington redskins come to town the eagles win the toss and will kick, so the skins are up first with the ball, after bringing the kickoff out to the 23 yard line, on the first play of the game Robert you hooks up with Aaron Scott and he takes it 77 yards to pay dirt and the redskins are on the board first as it's 7-0 redskins

    The eagles first time with the ball is a rough outing as they struggle and are unable yo get a first down, Taylor mansour comes out for the first punt of the game, the skins take over and Robert you is moving the ball with ease and micheal turner is keeping the defense honest with his run game, a big pass to devil Thomas gets them in the redzone Nd rookie running back Brandon olvier is able to punch it in from 4 yards out for the touchdown and the skins are now up 14-0

    Eagles second turn with the ball and this time after pounding the ball get a big pass play to mike Lincoln, kolb guides them to the redzone after a catch by maclin, Leonard weaver is then able to punch it in from 4 yards out and gets the eagles on the board as it's 14-7 skins up

    Skins ball again but on the second play Robert you is hit and the ball is in the air it falls in Brandon Grahams hands and he takes the int back for the touchdown 14-14 tie score now

    The redskins stay focused and put together a good drive Robert you is spreading the ball around and devil Thomas with another big catch gets them in the red zone and Brandon Oliver again punches it in from a yard out and the skins go back ahead 21-14

    There would be no more scoring in the 2nd and we go to halftime 21-14 with the skins up

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