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Week 8 MNF Coach Interviews

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by PAgamer07, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. PAgamer07

    PAgamer07 We're the ship without a storm

    Nov 11, 2009

    Coach Jon Gruden sit's down with both coach TEClemson53 and coach JohnnyClutch prior to tonight's pivotal NFC West Battle between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49'ers. Both teams come into this contest at 3-4 and realistically both have a shot at the NFC West. The transition from the College game to the pros has been challenging for each of them, but they are starting to get some wins under their belts.


    Coach Gruden: "Each of you met previously at the college level. What do you remember of these games?"

    Coach Eidson: "We met twice when I coached Tulsa and he was Arizona State. We played a home & home series, he beat me 20-19 the first year in Arizona and when he returned his trip to Tulsa, I put it on him pretty good. I think it was 31-3 or something crazy. "

    Coach Adams: "That was a long time ago Jon and I barely remember it. I'm sure one of the reasons why is that I wanted to forget how poorly we played."

    Coach Gruden: "What are your keys to victory in the Monday Night Football matchup?"

    Coach Eidson: "I think our only issue is beating ourselves. That defense is stacked and we can't afford to make stupid mistakes and turn the ball over. They have plenty of weapons on offense too, if we turn the ball over, it can get ugly fast.

    Coach Adams: "We have to stop Fitz and Beanie. On offense we are going to attack Patrick Peterson because coach Trey said he is terrible at covering the wide receivers"

    CG: "Hahaha. Man Peterson is a freak athlete. That kid is gonna be a star in a few seasons. On another note... You've both lost a handful of games, what were the toughest losses?"

    CE: "We've had a few.. Seattle and JFace907 just plain whipped us. New England was a heart breaker because we had so many opportunities to take the lead or stretch it out and we didn't. St Louis was really frustrating. We played 10-12 quarters of football and led the game pretty comfortably at one point before we had to start over. Then we got forgot how to play defense and couldn't keep up on the scoreboard"

    CA: "Toughest loss has to be the sim against the Giants. The team played dreadfully. All of the other three losses were tough as well since every expert predicted the 49ers to be one of the top teams in the TMFL"

    CG:"I am very surprised at how poorly the Niners have played, but I think you are starting to turn the corner. What have been your biggest wins so far this year?"

    CE: "I was shocked to beat Philadelphia with that talent but the biggest win so far was this past week against Minnesota. Kasper is a very respectable opponent and he built a huge lead and a few turnovers put us back in the game. We won on a last second touchdown, it doesn't get much more exciting then that."

    CA: "Biggest win would have to be week one against Masler and Green Bay. A last second touchdown and the two point conversion for the win or to lose. Luckily James was able to run it in for the victory"

    CG: "That was a helluva playcall Coach. I've made some gutsy calls in my day, but that was a big one Week 1. That Lamichael James kid has AC/DC Speed. You guys each have a lot of good ballplayers on your teams. Who are your "goto" guys?"

    CE: " Patrick Peterson, haha I'm just kidding. That guy gives up a touchdown every week. He has the cover skills of a blind dog. Larry Fitzgerald & Calais Campbell impress me every week. I wish I could get Larry the ball more but he draws so much attention it's hard to."

    CA: "Favorite player would be Randy "straight cash homie" Moss. I would like players on defense but they haven't done **** so far this season"

    CG "I think each of your defenses is underrated. And that Patrick Willis? He has to be leading the league in Holy Smokes plays right?? What seems to be the biggest weakness on your teams' this year?"

    CE: "The O-Line either hates me or hates John Skelton because they let so many guys take death shots at Skelton. Our secondary is pretty sketchy too. "

    CA: "Easily the biggest weakness on our team is the running game. Frank Gore looks to be on his last legs, Jacobs has done much in his opportunities, and James looks like he can be the future back only on some carries."

    CG: "Gore looked strong in his last game, I think he is starting to shake off some rust. How do each of you seeing this game going?"

    CE: "If we can stop Gore, maybe cover a reciever or two and catch a few breaks, I think it'll be close. I just don't see us matching up on the physical level though."

    CA: "I think it will be a close game. A win for Arizona would not surprise me at all."

    CG: "This division is tough. How do you see it shaping up this year?"

    CE: "Seattle or St Louis. They've put themselves in good position so far and they'll only get better. I'd say Seattle right now without looking at their schedules."

    CA: "@Matrix monkey and the St. Louis Rams"

    Coach Gruden: "It was great to talk to these guys today. They are both hard workers and get along well off the field. For the Cardinals, I think the decision to name Skelton the starter was a good one. I honestly don't see him being the long term solution in Arizona though, but he is having a decent season and at least keeping them in the game. Getting the ball to Fitzgerald is key, but the balls can't be in the stands. They have a lot of holes to fill along the offensive line and that could hurt them. But they also have a couple of real studs on the defensive side of the ball. Calais Campbell, that kid eats glass for breakfast and he is a dynamic player."

    "For the 49'ers? It all starts and stops with Frank Gore and that defense. They had a huge win last week over the Seahawks and Gore had his highest rushing total on the year and nearly eclipsed the century mark. Gore is a real masher, and he is going to keep beating into that Carindals defense and big things are gonna happen. I think the Niners are starting to figure this thing out and I don't see how the Cardinals can score against this team. The Seahawks game showed me a lot and I think this is the team to beat in the NFC West."

    "So with that said, Im taking the Niners in this one. 31-10."

    You can catch this game on http://www.twitch.tv/teclemson53 on 9/25 at 8PM EST
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    Mar 11, 2010
    Might have to break out some spider 2 y-banana.
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    May 22, 2010
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    Dec 29, 2011
    Amazing content right there!

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