Week 8 Niners 31 Broncos 24

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    Week 8 Niners 31 Broncos 24

    Niners started off with the ball and went straight down the field, scoring on a 32yd TD catch from RB Gore. Broncos answered on the next play with a 72yd screen to RB Buckhalter. SF would counter with a lengthy drive, ending on a 1 yd run by RB Coffee. Each team would add a FG near the end of the half. 17-10 Niners

    After Den punted on the first possession, the Niners once again put together an impressive drive, ending in a 1yd TD run by FB Norris. Near the end of the 3rd, WR Decker was able to catch a 13yd pass for 6. Once again a solid drive put SF in Den's redzone, where RB Gore was open for a 4yd TD catch. The Broncos were able to no huddle their way down the field and get a quick score with WR Decker once again, as well as recover the onside kick. Time wasnt on Den's side however. Final score 31-24 gg bing


    QB Smith 9\13 161yds 2 TDs
    RB Gore 28atts 99yds; 2 rec TDs (Player of the Game)
    WR Ginn 3rec 71yds
    LB Willis 7tkls 1 FF


    QB Orton 23\41 352yds 3 TDs 2ints
    RB Buckhalter 12atts 39yds
    WR Decker 6recs 70yds 2 TDs
    LB Williams 8tkls 1 sack

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