Week 8 summaries

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    Week 8 summaries

    #14 Uab headed to Usm for a conference game this week. The rain Forrest is not extinct. Uab won easily 34-10 and played a great game. Injuries are killing uab right now. with 2 hb out and with losing starting c for 2 weeks with broken ribs and starting dt for 9 weeks with a broken tailbone.

    Uab threw the ball all over the place in one of their most complete games so far,
    24-41-4 passing and 32-112-0 rushing key players in the game were

    True Freshman
    Miranda 24-41-4 2 ints
    Borne 23 att 96 yds
    Forrest 15 rec 275yds 4tds
    M. Jones 6 rec 93yds

    Up next is a bye week then play Memphis at home which we are not looking forward to with the injuries we have

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