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Week 8 Texans (27) vs. Giants (24)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by obwhite, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. obwhite

    obwhite Who Dat Nation!

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 8 Texans (27) vs. Giants (24)

    Texans End Losing Streak by beating Undefeated Giants


    The Texans threw balance out the window in this one. The Giants have probably the best rushing defense in the NFL and by the 2nd quarter coach obwhite pretty much knew he was going to have to live by the pass and die by the pass. Luckily for him Andre Johnson had his best day under coach ob's regime! The Giants are an extremely talented team and have one of the best coaches in the NFC.

    The Giants got the ball first and were held to a 3 & out after a 2nd down sack forced them into a 3rd and impossible. The Texans would get the ball and slowly move it down the field and let fullback Vonte Leach punch it in from 4 yards out. However, The Giants would answer back after J. Stewert broke what seemed to be a 7 man gang tackle and turned what should have been a 2 yard run into a 70+ yard run bringing the ball all the way to the 4 yard line, he would have scored but Mario Williams never lost pursuit and made a shoestring tackle before he scored. Manning would deliver a shot in the flat to Kevin Boss for the score 2 plays later.

    The second quarter was relatively quiet until the last two minutes and then there was a scoring onslaught. Vonte Leach would punch another TD in from 2 yards out with just over two minutes left in the half. But Manning and Co. weren't done yet, they drove down the field with ease and T. Barclay would catch a 7 yard pass with :30 seconds left. Dunta Robinson said of this touchdown "it was in my damn hands, and he still somehow caught it!" Manning would throw across his body and across field but Barclay would continue his strong rookie campaign by catching everything thrown his way. But the Giants made the biggest mistake of the game with only :30 left in the half. They decided to pooch the kick off and it was caught by an upman and returned almost to midfield. They would hold the Texans on 1st and 2nd down but the Texans saw something and knew they could capitalize on it. The Texans spread to 5 wide and had one on one coverage down the sideline with Andre Johnson and Schaub would connect on a 52 yard bomb for the TD with only :06 left in the half.

    Halftime score
    21-14 Texans

    The Texans recieved the 2nd half kick off and got into scoring range but then the tough Giant D would stiffen up and hold them to a 44 yard fieldgoal after the drive started moving backwards. The Giants would continue to spread the ball around using two different QB's Vick and Manning, Vick would continue to terrify the Texans defense with his Quick feet and scrabbling ability. But it was Eli who would throw the touchdown passes and he connected to Hedgecock from 7 yards out with 2:29 in the third to make it 3 point game.

    The 4th quarter would be a defensive Juggernaut, both teams tightened their reigns and as the Giants drove into Texans territory, Connor Barwin would get his second interception of the day. Barwin said of his role on D "I love how they use me on D this year, i stand up, drop into coverage, i rush the passer, i'm not stuck in one role they let me be a playmaker like i was in college!" However the Texans weren't able to move the ball and were forced to punt it back to the hot Giants, but were able to hold them to a game tying fieldgoal with just over 2 minutes left in the game. Shaub was able to matriculate the ball into fieldgoal range and let Kris Brown win it as time expired with a 41 yard field goal.

    Game Stats


    Matt Schaub - 24 of 31, 255 yards, 1 TD
    Eli Manning - 11 of 15, 117 yards, 3 td, 2 int
    Michael Vick - 4 of 6, 42 yards, 0 td, 0 int

    Steve Slaton - 11 att, 15 yards
    Middlebrook - 4 att, 21 yards
    V. Leach - 4 att, 10 yards, 2 td's

    J. Stewert - 11 att, 118 yards
    M. Vick - 2 att, 28 yards

    Andre Johnson - 10 catches, 141 yards, 1 TD
    O. Daniels - 8 catches, 67 yards

    T. Barclay - 3 catches, 39 yards, 1 td
    K. Boss - 1 catch, 4 yards, 1 td
    M. Hedgecock - 1 catch, 7 yards, 1 td

    Defensive Stats

    Teams Top Tacklers
    James Sanders - 4 tackles
    Kenny Phillips - 5 tackles

    Sack Leaders
    Mario Williams - 1
    A. Okoye - 1
    X. Adibi - 1

    Connor Barwin - 2

    Forced Fumbles
    Kenny Phillips - 1

    Player of the Game
    Connor Barwin
  2. bigox1337

    bigox1337 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    gj white, looks like the titans back into 4th place in the AFC south

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