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Week 8

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Kan, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Kan

    Kan Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Week 8

    The Skins would put on their 60s throwbacks in week eight as they would host the 3-3 Jaguars. The Skins would get going early on a 44 yard toss play to Ahmad Bradshaw for the score. They would then put another seven on the board with a short dive from Portis to go up 14-0 in the second.

    A 23 yard pass from James to Thomas would bring the score to 14-7midway through the second quarter. But the Skins rush game was on fire today, as Bradshaw would get his second score on a 3 yard rush. The Jags would strike quickly, as Ashley Leile would grab a nice pass from James and go 57 yards for the score and bring the score to 21-14.

    The Skins would start a two minutes offense and drive into the Jags side of the field, when Campbell would fumble the ball. The Jags would get the ball down the field and kick a field goal with no time on the clock and get the lead down to 21-17 at the half.

    The Skins would not get away from their rush game in the second half either, as Portis would pile on the first of his three third quarter touchdowns early in the quarter. Hall would pick off James on the Jags' next drive and Portis would rumble in from 3 yard for the 25-17 score.

    After forcing another punt, the Skins would take some time off the clock and Portis would get the rock again for a 19 yard touchdown.

    The fourth quarter would see the Jags driving close, but a 4 play goal line stand would stop the Jags from scoring anymore.

    POY Portis, 22 att, 171 yards, 4 tds
    (backup Bradshaw would have 9 attempts for 76 yards and 2 scores)

    gg lou
  2. adross33

    adross33 Walk On

    Sep 2, 2009
    Denver @ Raiders

    Oakland, Cal

    Prather Perfect!

    Denver's Mike Prather knotted his third field goal of the game, the winner from 40 yards out, to give the visiting Broncos a 16-14 victory Sunday night in Oakland.

    The defensive struggle forced both teams to throw anything they could think of offensively in an effort to move the chains as yardage and points were hard to come by.

    Oakland's Derek McFadden scored the games first major on an 80 yard run that witnessed him carry three Bronco's, break free, break away from Champ Baily as he spun free and went the remaining 70 yards untouched.

    Denver's Alex Smith, granted the starters role while Matt Cassell nurses his dislocated elbow, drove the Broncos 70 plus yards hitting Larry Johnson out of the backfield for an 18yd major and the half time lead 10-7.

    Points would continue to be a tough thing to come by as defense by both sides clamped down until mid way through the third. With Oakland running all over the Denver defense and heading into scoring territory, rookie SS Jermiah Lewis hammered Oakland's Bush, causing a fumble and ending the Raiders scoring drive.

    Denver would add a field goal in the third for a 13-7 lead and continue to frustrate the Oakland offense until McFadden and Bush would once again get hot, break tackles and take the lead from four yards out 14-13 with more than 5 minutes remaining.

    Alex Smith, rusty from playing back up, sputtered under pressure and Denver punted the ball away, putting the game in the hands of their defense for the second game in a row. Denver struggled to hold Oakland's well crafted rushing attack, but forced a tough call for the Raiders to make. 4 and 2 on Denver's 40 yard line with under two minutes to play.

    Oakland elected to punt and force Alex Smith to gain composure and beat their defense, which had played so well all game. Smith found Eddie Royal over the middle for 12, Royal again underneath for 15 and rookie WR Brandon Wimms for 22 and inside Prather's range.

    After rushing once to set up the field goal, Denver sit on the ball forcing Oakland to use their time outs and allowing Prather to boot the game winner from 40 yards out.

    "Tough win, tough call for both coaches to make in this game .. go for it, sit on the ball .. the way things were going we had to take the opportunity for mistake off the table" said Ross after the win.

    Game Notes

    Oak - Russell 12/23 98 yards 1 int
    Den - Smith 20/31 305 1 TD 1 INT

    Oak - McFadden 14 147 1 TD 110 after first hit - 80 yd td
    Den - Johnson 11 32

    Oak - McFadden 5 40 yards
    Den - Royal 5 86
    Den - Graham 4 73

    Oak - Morrison 6 tackles 1 int (in the endzone)
    Den Ayers 3 tackles 1 FR

    Denver now may look towards the last half of the season with some optimism as 7 of the last 9 games are against teams below .500, including two with the struggling divisional Chiefs. "At this point it really doesn't matter" said defenisve captain Brian Dawkin's. "Anyone of those teams could smack us in the mouth at any time, records are overrated. We just need to keep playing our game, get healthy and do what we do".

    Great game Savi ..... tough loss .. tough call to make .. if you went for it and got it ... I would've cried like a bitch ;) ... if you didn't get it .. I would've had the momentum .... a FG might have been possible ... which would've made me have to score a TD ... just a great, well played game by both sides ... love playing you! See you in the post season perhaps?
  3. Mags

    Mags Former MEGA PC Commish

    Feb 20, 2009
    Great writeups!
  4. stealth

    stealth Walk On

    Aug 1, 2009
    Bengals vs Dolphins

    This certainly was a game for an offensive highlight reel.

    1st qrt

    Bengals would get on the board 1st in this game as SS Ndukwe would tip a QB Henne Pass and CB Jawan Willaims would grab it and go 63yds for the pick 6. 7-0 The lead would be short lived as the phins come out and wildcat formation but instead of running Hb Ronnie would toss it in the flats to Hb williams who would go 55yds to paydirt. 7-7

    The rest of the game would be all about defense and which kicker could make the most fgs. Bengals Kicker wins that battle as he would nail 3 fgs to the dolphins 1 and the bengals escape with a 16-10 win

    gg junior
  5. gt86

    gt86 Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Cowboys would play the Colts in week 8. The Cowboys would start the scoring off with a 3 yd Td pass from Romo to Barber that would be the only score in the 1st qtr. In the 2nd qtr the Cowboys would recover a fumble that would setup a Fg to give the Cowboys a 10-0 lead early in the 2nd. Manning and company would answer with a 16 yd pass to Walsh to get close 10-7. After that the wheels would fall off for the Colts. The Cowboys defense would come up with two back to back ints for Tds. The Colts would quickly drive down the field after that and throw a Fg to make the score 24-10. The only problem is what happened next. The Colts would leave a min on the clock and that would allow Romo to go down the field and throw another TD this time to Austin from 17 yds out with 9 secs left. On the ensuing kickoff the Cowboys would kick a squib kick to prevent a big return. But the Colts return teams didn't think about picking up the ball and the Cowboys would recover at the Colts 24 yd line. Romo would then try to get another score on the board before halftime and he would do so on a 24 yd screen pass to Berrian for a Td. That would make the score 38-10 for the Cowboys at halftime.

    In the 2nd half the Cowboys would mainly go to their running game and try to drain the clock. After yet another Colts turnover the Cowboys would get another TD on a 3 yd run by Barber.The Colts would answer with a 58 yd Td pass to Gonzalez to make the score 45-17. In the fourth the Colts would see more of the Cowboys running game while the Cowboys add a Fg. THe Colts would get one more Td in the game with 6 mins left on a 11 yd Td pass to Tamme. That would end the scoring as the Cowboys running game would be able to cun out allot of the cloclk and the defense would not allow the the Colts to threaten again.

    Cowboys win 48-24

    gg Mac thanks for subbing in for me
  6. bigox1337

    bigox1337 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Rams stay undefeated!

    The undefeated Rams would host the win less Seattle seahawks in their week 8 divisional match up. The seahawks would get a big boost with guest coach tank taking a break from the powerhouse vikings and steping up to try and knock off the Rams.

    The Rams deferred to the second quarter and the seahawks got the ball first and drove the ball down the field and scored easily with big runs from edgerian james and backup forsett. Forsett broke some tackles and went to the house on a 14 yard sweep. Coach ox was seen noticeable shaken on the sidelines and seemed worried after the rams gave up what is believed to be the only game yet where the opposing team scored a TD first.
    Steven Jackson was being feed the ball a lot but due too heavy, heavy blitzing and 9 in the box almost exclusively, the rams had to switch to a passing attack if they were to get any of the momentum back. Bulger responded well with a 27 yard pass to Robinson to tie the game with 39 seconds left the in the first.
    The second started slowly with 3 and outs by both teams until a good return by avery put the rams in FG position and josh brown put the rams ahead for the first time in the game. It wouldn't last long because on the next possession, rookie dane marrow would dump the pass off to james in the flats and he ran the sideline 66 yards for the score. This would be the seahawks last lead in the game as the rams responded with back to back TDs by Jackson and Bulger. The halftime score in the lou was 24-14 rams.
    In the second half it was all Rams defense as they forced the Seahawks to turn the ball over 5 times and forced numerous punts. Hines Ward posted 2 passing TDs and Steven Jackson hauled in one late in the third. After a 38-0 run in the second and third the game was pretty much over and the rams went into a ball control offense and controlled the game the rest of the way.
    Final score Rams 48- seahawks 21.

    Key stats:
    Rams won the turnover battle 5 to 1 and where 5-5 in the redzone against the seahawks.

    Mark Bulger- 17-26 257yards 5 TDs 0 INT
    Steven Jackson- 22 rush 91 yards 2 total TDs

    Thanks for the sub tank, i hope to play your vikings soon, but probably it will be in the conference title game. GG
    Boss Bailey- 5 tackles, 4 TFL, 2 sacks, 1INT
  7. tankwillis

    tankwillis Walk On

    Sep 18, 2009
    GG OX. I shoulda stuck with the run game. Was interested in seeing how Morrow would do - I passed on chance at him during draft.

    Good gameplan by you, good use of Rams limited talent - well done and kudos.
  8. Gotham

    Gotham Walk On

    Aug 20, 2009
    Panthers seem to be playing every game at home this year. The Browns come into the game, the surprise team in the AFC North this year. The Panthers, 12-4 last year are already on the outside looking in halfway through the year.

    Carolina started with the ball, and would go 3-and-out. The Browns would use a good combination of run/pass to go back the other way for a 20 yard pass to Robiskie out of a 5-wide formation.

    After a couple of possessions for each team, DeAngelo Williams would punch one in from 3 yards out to make it 7-7 at the half.

    There were a number of turnovers in the game with Derek Anderson throwing 3ints and Vince Young throwing 2. As a result, not a lot of passing offense for either side. Late in the 4th quarter, DeAngelo Williams would score his 2nd touchdown of the day, 131 yards total on the ground.

    With the Browns needing to score, and less than 2 minutes on the clock Derek Anderson throws to the boys in Black, instead of Brown and the Panthers win their 2nd straight game 14-7.

    gg mastertrashy
  9. Thelou

    Thelou Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    GG Kan....the run game killed us and you kept me off balance all game. I just couldnt predict what you were going to do and it cost me the game. Great game plan and gl this season.

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