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Week 9: Dallas Survives Another Nailbiter

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by CaptMoe, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. CaptMoe

    CaptMoe Walk On

    Jul 27, 2012
    When you face the Vikings you prepare for one guy and one guy only: AP. The Cowboys thought stopping him would be too tall of a task. Slow him down, maybe. But as the game wore on it became evident that Peterson's speed and ability to break tackles was just too much to handle. Whether running left or right, AP always seemed to get to the edge before any defenders, except for a spectacular play in the 3rd by MLB S. Lee, who met him 4yds deep in the backfield on another of his signature outside runs, dropping him for a loss. Peterson would be stopped for a loss on one other play, with much more significance, later in the game.

    The Cowboys' offense, with Romo back to his efficient self, seemed to be clicking between the 10s. But once inside the 10yd line, the offense stalled, settling for 3 FGs instead of TDs. Give credit to the Vikings' defense on those stops. With L. Dunbar nursing sore ribs, he couldn't really get anything going so the game was placed in the hands of Romo, who delivered. Spreading the ball around to 7 receivers, he completed 60% of his passes and exploited the Vikings' deep coverage a few times, none bigger than finding Dez Bryant for a 70yd TD pass with 1:00 left in the first half. This made it 20-14 Dallas and the yo-yo lead changes started from that point forward.

    The Vikings would get a TD from TE K. Rudolph to make it 21-20. A Dan Bailey FG would give Dallas the lead back, 23-21. Josh Freeman would find J. Simpson taking advantage of blown coverage for a 52yd TD pass, making it 28-23 Vikings. Romo would hit TE G. Escobar, filling in for an injured Witten, for the score and a 30-28 Dallas lead to start the 4th. Peterson would run around the left side for a 3yd TD to make it 35-30 Vikings. On the ensuing kickoff, D. Harris would field the kick 3yds deep, take it out to around the 20, cut right and outrun the defenders for the score, 37-35 Dallas with 2:33 to go. The Vikings would go on a time consuming drive, trying to get into FG range for the win. Facing a 3rd and short, T. Gearhart came in to punch it across but was stopped after a short gain, bringing up 4th and inches. AP comes back in and with everyone expecting an outside run, hit the middle of the Dallas DL for the 1st down. A few plays later it was de ja vu. 3rd and 1, Peterson gets hit after a VERY short gain, bringing up another 4th and inches. This time the Cowboys were ready as OLB J. Durant met Peterson 1yd behind the line and brought him down with the help of DT J. Ratliff for the stop and the turnover.

    Dallas now gets ready to hit the road and travel to the Big Easy to take on the Saints...
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    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010
    Nice defensive stop. Not easy to do against AP.
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