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Week 9: Jaguars 34, Chiefs 0...MJD=MVP!!!

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 9: Jaguars 34, Chiefs 0...MJD=MVP!!!

    *Recap this week is shortened due to time constraints*

    This game was closer than the final score indicated, with the Jaguars getting a couple of late TD's to really pull away.

    In the first half it was a tractor pull with both offenses not able to get much going. Jacksonville had a short Jones-Drew TD plus two long Bironas FGs to go into the halftime locker room up 13-0.

    Alex Smith was really efficient, going 10-12 through the first two and a half quarters....however those two incompletions were picked off, really providing the momentum shift for the Jaguars.

    Jacksonville QB David Garrard had by far his best game of the year going 13-15 for 245 yards and 1 TD, including a 92 yard strike to breakout receiver Jaret Dillard, who had touchdowns in his past three games.

    Jones-Drew would dominate the second half, getting 193 yards of total offense in total and 3TDs.

    Really, there isn't a better back in the OMFL right now, and if the Jaguar's can continue winning he has a legitimate shot at league MVP. His line today:
    -140 yards rushing on 21 carries
    -53 yards receiving on 5 receptions
    -3 touchdowns

    . . .and he didn't even play the Jaguars final two series.

    Final score 34-10

    Jaguars continue their mid-season turnaround by winning their third straight to even their record at 4-4. They will try to go over .500 for the first time this season next week against the J-E-T-S.


    Crazy numbers for Jones-Drew this year. Let's start the MVP Hype now!

    These are his season numbers. . .and remember he was injured for 3+ games. . .so these are all compiled in 5 games only! MVP MVP MVP!
    -648 yards rushing
    -198 yards receiving
    -846 yards of total offense
    -8 Touchdowns

    These are the numbers he would be projected to have over a full 16 game season.
    -2047 yards rushing
    -625 yards receiving
    -2672 yards of total offense
    -25 Touchdowns

    Seriously. . .M-V-P! Hope we can just keep winning so he has an actual shot at the award!


    GG Win....really keep pluggin away. I think you are maybe the most invaluable owner in this league. It was a 13-0 game midway through the 3rd when Dillard had that fluke catch and TD when it probably should have been picked off. Your defense is there. . .just keep workin that O.
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy The ONLY 2 time OMFL CHampion!!!!

    Oct 8, 2009
    No knock on MJD but AP is leading the MVP race. Best player on the best team,nuff said.

    Thru 8 games...

    983 rushing yards
    136 rushing attempts
    7.2 yds per carry
    11 rushing TDs

    351 reception yards
    5 reception TDs

    16 week projection
    1966 rushing yards
    22 rushing TDs
    752 reception yards
    10 receiving TDs

    And oh yeah, his team is UNDEFEATED!!!!

    One man MVP race!!!!!!!
  3. Winuvas

    Winuvas OMFL Jets

    Oct 8, 2009
    Forgot to mention the fumble Alex had on the 4 yard line driving in on 2nd and goal either late first or early second quarter. That was a 14 point swing, essentially, since I was probably gonna score a TD, and you drove down and scored a TD to make it 13-0.

    I know I can't do it, cause I would get booted from the franny (and deservedly so), but it would be nice to just sim the rest of my season and just get to the draft so I can start getting progression and new players. Having to go through a 1-15 season sucks.
  4. Winuvas

    Winuvas OMFL Jets

    Oct 8, 2009
    The other side of the same game...

    Coach, It's Not Totally Your Fault

    by Adam Chiefsman
    Blogger, Kansas City Star

    Well, Coach Winuvas, we can safely say that the Chiefs' season is not completely your fault. Some of the Chiefs' woes can be attributed to talent. The Chiefs fell 34-0 to the Jaguars at Jacksonville this Sunday in a lackluster effort by all involved on the Chiefs side.

    The big story of the game was turnovers - plenty of turnovers by the Chiefs, and none for the Jaguars. Alex Smith was efficient but turnover prone, completing 11 of 19 passes for 169 yards but had 2 interceptions and a costly fumble that came on the 4 yard line driving in to score a go ahead touchdown early. The score would have made it 7-6 Chiefs. Instead, the Jaguars came down the field, scoring a touchdown to make it 13-0.

    A non-existent running game was also painfully apparent, as Jamaal Charles ran the ball only 7 times for 33 yards. Quentin Lawrence was the stud in the receiving corps, getting 3 catches for 46 yards. The offensive line also played better, and are apparently beginning to gel and develop some chemistry as they play together.

    The defense for Kansas City played better than the score indicated, with stalwarts like Tamba Hali and Kyle Vanden Bosch getting four tackles each. However, Jacksonville and MVP candidate Maurice Jones-Drew were too much along with the Kansas City offensive turnovers.

    Jones-Drew ran the ball 21 times for 140 yards and 3 touchdowns, and had 5 receptions for 53 yards. Youngster Jarrett Dillard had a big pass play against Brandon Carr, catching a 92 yard pass while well covered and taking it for a touchdown.

    David Garrard, much maligned quarterback for Jacksonville, had a near perfect day, completing 13 of 15 passes for 245 yards and the one touchdown to Dillard. The defense for Jacksonville played lights out as well, with defensive linemen Patrick Kerney and John Henderson each getting a sack of Alex Smith.

    Midway through the third quarter, Coach Winuvas received an emergency call and had to leave the playcalling in the hands of his assistant, Clinton P. Upchurch. His assistant did not do very well.

    "Look, CPU has led the team in practice on defense, and I thought he could get the job done in live fire. I was wholly underwhelmed. I don't care if I myself am dying, there will be no emergency that takes me off the field again," Coach Winuvas said via cell phone.

    When pressed for the emergency, Coach Winuvas was terse. "Personal matters. Nothing more."

    The Chiefs (1-8) take on the Raiders next week, while the Jaguars (4-4) enjoy a trip to the Meadowlands to take on the Jets.

    Stay tuned to all your Chiefs coverage on the franchise website at:

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