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Week 9 Packers (27) Cowboys (24)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by NDCOLTS1979, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. NDCOLTS1979

    NDCOLTS1979 I love you red solo cup

    Oct 17, 2009
    Week 9 Packers (27) Cowboys (24)

    This was a very tight battle throughout as Packers scored 1st in the first quarter on a Jackson 5yd run and would be the only score in the 1st quarter of the game. The Cowboys would answer quickly with a 2yd run by romo and 81yd reception by Austin to give them a 14-7 lead. That 7 point lead wouldnt last long as Grant took a handoff 68yds to the house to make it 14-14. Dallas would kick a FG with 22 seconds left to take a 17-14 lead into halftime as GB took a knee to end the half.

    2nd half Dallas would score first on a 40 yd reception by Walker making it 24-14. GB would drive down the field and get stuffed inside the 5 on 3 straight plays and end up kicking an 18yd FG making it 24-17. There would be a defensive battle till 50 seconds left in the game when on 3rd and goal a qb sneak by Rodgers would tie the game up. Dallas would go 3 and out and punt to GB. Gb decided to take a knee and go into OT and hope for the best.

    The best wasn't what happened on the coin flip. As Dallas got the ball and Pack knew they needed to make a play and that they did. They would force a fumble in Dallas territory and 3 runs would put them in the middle of the field on the 26. With an 18 mph wind blowing at their back they decided to go for the 43yd fg even though it was first and 10. Thay paid off as Crosby placed in right down the middle for the victory

    GG West thanks for stepping up

    P.S. I played with 2 controllers after breaking one on a fumble recovery i swore i had but they gave to the boys.

    Key Players

    Rodgers 11-14 170yds
    Grant 24att 128yds 1td
    Driver 3rec 51 yds
    Finley 3rec 52yds

    4 other guys had receptions as wel

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