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Week1 Eagles(28) Giants (17)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by VishaL, May 5, 2010.

  1. VishaL

    VishaL OMFL Eagles / PMFL Seahawks

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week1 Eagles(28) Giants (17)

    Giants win toss and will kick, Eagles ball first they would drive until they got to 1st and goal from the 10, a penalty would make it 1st and goal from the 20, on second down they would score as Peyton Manning would connect 20 yards to D. Jackson for the TD, Giants Ball and they get a couple of 1st downs but Eli Manning would get Intercepted by A. Jones Who would bring it back for a TD.....But theres a Flag, illegal Block by intercepting team, Eagles ball at the 39 yard line, Reggie Bush on 1st down runs it 39 yards for the score Eagles up 14-0,

    Giants ball and some big gains by John "Daily Show" Stewart, and they would cap of a good drive with a 6 yard TD RUN by J.Stewart , 14-7 Eagles up,

    Eagles ball and on theres first play Manning would hit D. Jackson 69 yards for the Touchdown,21- 7 eagles up,

    Giants Ball but they go 3 and out, Eagles ball but they cant capitalize as Hashuka would miss a 49 yard FG, Giants takeover with under 2minutes in the 2nd qt, and with 43 seconds J.Stewart gets in for the Score from 1 yard, 21-14 Eagles up ,


    Giants Ball to Start 3rd QT, but after some big gains by HB A.Brown the GMen would settle for a 39 yd FG BY A.Gentry, 21- 17 eagles up,

    Eagles ball and a promising drive is stalled at the opp's 32 yard line, Eagles attempt a FG but Hasuhka Misses again, Giants ball and they would turn it over again with a INT, Eagles would Score again When P. Manning hits the rookie D.Mitchell for the 18 yard TD, 28-17 3rd QT,

    the 4th qt had no scoring so our final is 28-17 Eagles

    GG Cimmy....next game later this season in New York is gonna be one of the hardest games on my schedule, good luck rest of the way


    Peyton Manning 12-14 203 yards 3TDs
    Reggie Bush 16atts 112 yard 1TD
    L.Weaver 6atts 20yards

    Eli Manning 8-27 131 yards 4ints
    A.Brown 8atts 101 yards
    J.Stewart 11atts 62yards 2TDs

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