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Weekly Things To Do

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Mags, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Mags

    Mags Former MEGA PC Commish

    Feb 20, 2009
    Weekly Things To Do

    1. Schedule Games
    - Use the Scheduling forum to make contact with your opponent, its mandatory. You may also leave messages on PS3. ICQ/AIM is fine, but if it gets late in the week, I will be looking at that forum to see who is making the effort and what, if anything, happened when there are issue.
    - Be courteous when scheduling, 1 hour periods for one day a week is not acceptable as a standard scheduling practice.
    - If you cannot make your game in a given week, notify the commish ASAP. We can remove you temporarily from the franny and your opponent can play the CPU. You will be issued an invitation back to the league when you return.

    2. Reporting Games
    - Winner posts game summary in forum thread for the week, its mandatory.
    - Loser replies / comments on the game if they are good sport.
    - Winning team (or either team) should save at least one highlight and upload to the OF site.

    3. Bi-weekly Advance
    - The site is advance every 5 days. Unplayed games will be simmed with no control over outcome.
    - Set lineups for the coming week through the franchise site or the PS3.
    - Add/Drop/FA - Should be done in LeagueManager and before the advance.

    4. Team News
    - Feel free to write small articles / clips for the site. If you need anything, ask.

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