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Weeks 1-2 Three-Point Stance, S8

Discussion in 'Legendary Veterans' started by IrishBearcat, May 26, 2011.

  1. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    Like on ESPN, going to talk about 3 interesting topics briefly. Not going to do it weekly, but for every 2 weeks. Here goes nothin:

    Q: BYU, UNLV, & Wyoming are all 2-0: Who has the best shot to compete for the MWC Title, and which two are the pretenders?

    A: Looking back at the past few seasons all 3 of these squads have suffered from early season losses to OOC opponents that have really derailed their season. BYU losing to Syracuse, UNLV to Miami(OH) University, and Wyoming getting torn apart by FSU and Texas. This season all three are of to hot starts and it's come with some drama. BYU came roaring back after down 0-10 to Ole Miss to win with some big plays.

    Their 2OT thriller against the Seminoles will be one for the ages. UNLV whipped Mississippi State and their top two RBs rushed for over 150+ yards. The Rebels beat Washington with a game ending pick in the endzone to win by a touchdown. Wyoming displayed how far they've come dismantling Buffalo, a team they were offered considered to be worse than in the past. Their OT win over USC has to be the most impressive win in their entire school's history, and Coach Cougar is the toast of the town.

    It's amazing how similar these 3 programs are. All have upset Air Force, which not every coach can say they have. Last season Wyoming beat BYU, BYU beat UNLV, and UNLV beat Wyoming. I like BYU's talent, Wyoming's ability win, and UNLV's balance.

    So who is the favorite, who are the pretenders? All of them! It's only week two and their is a lot to prove. If one of these schools can go 2-0 against the other 2, I like their chances the best.

    Q: New Mexico and San Diego State suffered blowouts to open up conference play, are both their seasons over?

    A: Neither of their seasons are over, but both look very bleak. New Mexico showed some great energy and improved on the field performance under new head coach Jason Kapono. Their 3-27 loss was not a bad loss at all with the talent gap, new scheme, and new head coach. I'm loving the Kapono hire and believe he can do some really great things to finally get their program back to a bowl game. Will it be this year? I highly doubt it. JK's first class will be crucial to his success at his job. This year they need to play hard, win some games they shouldn't, and get a feel for their future annual conference opponents.

    San Diego State talked about all pre-season about the one position they could not suffer an injury was at quarterback. Van suffered an injury putting him out for 8 weeks in the first quarter of the CSU game, and it led to a 7-37 rout on their home turf. The good news is Coach Oshio has dealt with a similar situation before when QB Aaron Andrews had to play as an underclassman and definitely wasn't ready for the job. The defense will be leaned on all season, but offense will have to be "manufactured" if you will.

    Traveling to Wyoming is a tough game to rebound in, and I don't like their chances. They'll most likely drop to 1-2, but with a BYE week and games against New Mexico and TCU the Aztecs could quickly rebound and get back to 3-3. With the hand they're having to play it'll be a miracle if they make it to a bowl, but honestly with Coach Oshio's creativeness and knack for finding a way to win I wouldn't be suprised to see them have a winning record. If Van can get healthy as scheduled, by the Utah game, the season could turn around for the better awful quickly with 5 games left on the schedule at that point.

    Q: Air Force underperformed by winning only 3-27 over lowly New Mexico, and Colorado State only beat rival Colorado by 16. What is the matter with these two MWC powerhouses, are they slowly receding?

    [COLOR=#ffffff][COLOR=#666699][I][B][COLOR=#ffffff][B][COLOR=#ffffff]A: No, not at all. Did you miss Air Force's 41-10 demolition of the reigning National Champion? Or perhaps you missed Colorado State's clinic against rival SDSU on the road in 37-7 victory. [/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][/B][/I][/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#ffffff][COLOR=#666699][I][B][COLOR=#ffffff][B][COLOR=#ffffff]I do believe one of these teams will not finish inside of the top 3 of the MWC. We will have to wait until we get into the meat of the conference schedule. Everyone is already talking about the week 4 matchup where CSU goes on the road to face the Falcons early. The winner will be in the driver's seat to win the conference. The other will risk falling into the middle of the pack. [/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][/B][/I][/COLOR][/COLOR]

  2. UofCWildcat

    UofCWildcat Bear Down!

    Mar 13, 2011
    Week 3 will tell who has the momentum. BYU host the Rebels of UNLV in a heated rivalry dating back to NCAA '10! I have to make up for last years blunder in Vegas *facepalm*
  3. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    Yep, and while we're on the subject, I can start up until 5 pm est tomorrow, or after midnight, if we advance soon.
  4. UofCWildcat

    UofCWildcat Bear Down!

    Mar 13, 2011
    If we advance soon i can play anytime after 12 EST. You can choose what you want
  5. -Cougars-

    -Cougars- Walk On

    Dec 30, 2010

    If this does get advanced by the time I get home, when will you be free? I will be free after 4 EST

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