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Welcome Follow-Up: Sim Gameplay

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by vatechhokie01, May 8, 2012.

  1. vatechhokie01

    vatechhokie01 Anglican Priest and Beer-snob

    Jul 17, 2010
    In the podcast, we talked a decent bit about sim play, focusing on the need to use trust as the foundation of the league. The reality is that within sim-play, although important to set "rules," its usually quite more "dynamic" than that when you hit the field. For fake punts do exist in real-life, as do Wes Welker, Cam Newton, and the GaTech offense.

    But our premise is if we can keep building on an honest group of friends, then we will choose to trust as a league. And if we function out of trust, we should be assuming the best and keep accusations and sour-losing to a minimum. The flip is if we don't trust, we need to speak up about it or reevaluate our membership in the Cathedral.

    This said, some normalized discussion over typically tough areas of the game are needed. And so this is in hopes to open up a place to look at some of these areas in a more organic and dynamic conversation over things such as:

    -Going for it on 4th down (Look out! fake punt Tbone! fake punt!)
    -mobile QBs
    -throwing to the slot, TE, and RB
    -running the option/triple-option/Wing-T/etc
    -anything else we can talk about

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