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Welcome to the Dawg Pound...

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by greatnessdc, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. greatnessdc

    greatnessdc Walk On

    Aug 9, 2014

    (Sorry if this was posted in the wrong place I couldn't find anything similar and don't have too much time so feel free to move it to where it needs to be if possible)

    So I realize not many people know me in TMFL. My name is Danny (greatnessdc) I come from a land far far away (HaW). I love playing video games and try to add as much content as I can when I have time. I've been pouring over some of the content you guys have on the forums and have been impressed and hope to contribute better once I get to know some of you.

    This post is gonna be a roster breakdown about how I feel about my team in key positions hope you guys enjoy the read.


    An offseason full of change happened in Cleveland this past offseason. Last year was a step in the right direction for a team who is known for faltering performances. While the trade for Jimmy G might haunt the nightmares of the previous GM at night, Browns fans can rest assured the new owner has bigger and better plans for the franchise.


    A few years ago when Kolten Stone was drafted out of the university of Wisconsin many Browns fans expected more of the same. A lot of hype with no production in typical Brown QB fashion. Entering the AFC North is no easy task and while Stone has put up mediocre numbers his first two years he has shown glimpses of being a top tier QB. I rest easy knowing I have a young QB who I can trust to lead my team going forward.

    HB: A position in which I feel I have an embarrassment of riches of sort. While I lack a HB that has the get away from the cops speed, I do have old man Jamal Charles who can shake tackles like hes still 24. Young HB Javon Meyer brings the ability to hammer over defenders and Duke Johnson who has been a main stay in the Browns backfield is still fighting to keep his job.

    WR: If Josh Gordan can stop smoking weed for a season chances are I'll have a 1000 yard WR. Speedster Chris Conley will bring playmaking on the field when he comes out in the slot. A fewer slow/possession/gym rat WR's will help steer the way from the WR2 position.


    While I may not agree with the price that was paid for old man G, I do respect the playmaker he still is on the field. He is still a legitimate threat who will be a top target opposite of Josh Gordan. After only having 3 TD's last season his use in the Red Zone must be improved going forward.

    OL: Grouping these guys together due to the fact this is my most solid part of my roster imo. All pro/ one of the best LT's of all time Joe Thomas remains a Brown for at least one more year and anchors a line who could contend for a top 5 positional grouping. Will Barnes the current RT is looking to continue to learn and improve from one of the all time greats.

    DL: Barring Mingos approval to DE this group could be just as nasty as the other side. Aaron lynch and Mingo coming off the edges would give me a viscous pass rush which I've worked wonders with in other leagues. Danny Shelton and Isreal Nelson could be the best 1-2 defensive tackle punch in the game with the ability to shed blocks and pass rush. This whole group being under 28 years old means bad things for AFC north teams the next few years.

    LB'ers: A group that I'm not super confident in. 2 young guys who need some help in coverage abilities. Montgomery looks great at MLB but needs to be able to hold a zone to fit into his new defensive scheme.

    Raysean Sapp is going to start at OLB this season. Sapp the 2nd round draft pick for the browns has potential to turn into a great player.

    CB: Joe Haden leading the charge still. Justin Gilbert will be stepping up into the number 2 role to try and keep up with the speedy WR's in this division. Will be focused in future offseasons to upgrade.

    S: Tashaun Gipson will be playing center field this season. SS will be a target to upgrade in the future.


    My prediction for my first season in TMFL is 6-10. Not the best personal to fit my usual liking but enough to at least make some noise. Looking forward to the challenge.

    Please don't judge spelling I rushed some!
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  2. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Great content bro, welcome to the league! Look forward to you regulating the AFC!
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  3. greatnessdc

    greatnessdc Walk On

    Aug 9, 2014
    Doing this from my tablet since I have some dead time at work. Spelling errors and other nonsense may follow....can't figure out how to add pictures from my tablet... I know you guys hate reading without pictures...

    End of season review.

    I have to admit I did better then I thought I would. After having alot of success in my HaW days I joined TMFL and thought I would blow chunks. Turns out I might be decent at this game after all. I won't get too far ahead of myself since CPU games were a decent part of this season but the Browns finished 12-4 under new ownership and should have a first round bye with the 2 seed. Splitting the 2 games with the Ravens but not losing a 2nd game in the division gives me the edge.

    QB: Kolten Stone: His first few games this year were rough. Some errant throws. Developing chemistry with the team that had a revolving door at hb. Stone finished the season looking like one of the best in the game. Any other year Stone could make a case for M.V.P but division rival QB Ryan should be taking that home.

    Boasting a 68% completetion percentage to go along with his 4981 yards, Stone was a model of efficiency. 39 Td's to 16 ints. The intended count a little higher then I would like but it was something that improved over the course of the season.

    HB committee: One of the weaker points of the offense this year was the revolving door at hb. At the start of the season veteran Jamal Charles was given the start. He had moderate success but struggled to really make an impact with a big amount of carries.

    A few weeks into the season saw Javon Meyer eat into the carries Charles receivers. Meyer perhaps the slowest of the group but brought physicality on every run. Meyer became the starter not with the purpose of being a pro bowler but for wearing out the defense with powerful run after run.

    Duke Johnson Jr continued to get a few touches a game and did well with them. After Meyer went down with a season ending injury relatively early in his starter campaign Johnson's reps increased. In the end Johnson seemed capable of making an impact with limited touches but found little success with being a primary back in this offense.

    Jamal Charles 220 carries 972 yards.
    Duke Johnson JR 116 carries 473 yards.

    WR Unit: A group that played head and shoulders better then I originally thought they would.

    Josh Gordan: The true number 1 wideout on this team. Very reliable catcher who could go short or deep.
    99 cths for 1442 yards and 10 TDs

    Jimmy G: frustrating at times because I feel he drops alot more contested catches then he should but a strong finish gives him a good season.
    61 ctchs for 971 yards 9 TDs

    Lucas Parks: The most surprising of the group. Parks proved over the season to play above his ratings. He missed 4 weeks later in the season or else I think he joins Gordan over 1000.
    56 cths for 783 yards 4 TDs

    Chris Conley: alot of experts thought he would be a huge playmaker in this offense but early in the season Stone and Conley just didn't have chemistry. After Parks went down late in the season all that changed and Conley thrived as the number 2.
    61 ctchs for 971 yards 8 TDs.

    Offensive line: Stats don't really show the true impact of the group. One of the best OLs in the game even with an aging Joe Thomas gave the running games holes no matter who was back there. They bought Stone time to read the field and step up into the pocket when needed. I can't truly speak to the great success this line brought to the O.

    Defensive tackles: I wanted to separate interior line play from the end play. My dts are absolute monsters. In the user games played they ate up every run that came their way. Danny Shelton went one step further and was a top tier pass rusher from the inside.

    Defensive ends: this group primarily consisted of Lynch , Mingo, and a late season push from Orchard. Lynch towards the end of the season became more of a Bruce Irvin clone in that he played the sam lber in a 4-3 under defense and played defensive end in nickel and dime. Orchards late season success came from him moving into the de role in the 4-3 under.

    Linebacking core: overall a slight disappointment for me. Montgomery and Sapp are two young lbers and I was hoping one would make a jump towards elite this season and while both flashed glimpses neithers play on the field was consistent. Kirksey was solid as the go to cover linebacker.

    Secondary:solid play all around here. Haden showed he's still an elite corner in the league while glibert played the 2 effectively. Gibson was the star safety he is but I would have liked to see more turnovers from this group of guys. They seemed to struggle to create big plays but prevented them for the most part.

    Forgive the no pictures and other stuff. Might add more later.
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  4. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
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    [QUOTE="greatnessdc, post: 1663030, I know you guys hate reading without pictures...

    Stopped reading here. What do you think we are, some kinda savages?!?

    Great content man and great season. Would have been interesting to see what you could do in the AFC North back when it was possibly the best division in the league.
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