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Welcome to the Premier Madden Football League!

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by CHUNKNESS, Jul 26, 2010.

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    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010
    Welcome to the Premier Madden Football League!


    Welcome to the Premier Madden Football League (PMFL). We are a diverse collaboration of minds interested in Madden, other sports titles, and various other genres. It is our mission to provide a Madden league experience which incorporates "simulation" style play, sportsmanship, and strategy at a premier level.

    Who we are...

    The PMFL is a Madden "simulation" online franchise league for the PS3 platform which consists of 32 human controlled teams. We are committed to the use of Madden to create a fun, challenging atmosphere of respect and communication. It is often said that a league is only as good as the owners that it is comprised of. Our owners are without exception the integral foundation of this league.

    How we roll...

    Game settings are established at the All-Madden level with seven minute quarters, the accelerated clock OFF, and injuries ON. We generally advance every Friday and Monday at midnight EST with the exception of playoffs and holidays. Expectations are high as each owner is responsible for their own team from contract and salary cap management to trades and depth chart changes. We play three complete seasons consisting of two games per calendar week. We partake in all offseason activities such as contract re-signings, free-agency, and the rookie draft. In the PMFL, you are in control of your team's destiny.

    What next?...

    You are currently viewing our forum as a guest. This means that your posting ability is limited to certain areas of the forum and there are some features that you are unable to use. If you decide that you want to join our league, you will need to apply to join the Tradition Sports (TS) community. If your TS application is approved, you will be able to access member-only areas of the forum and use any member-only features including our league forum. Please check out our XFN league page for the current PMFL season status and up-to-date team information or visit our application page to complete a PMFL application once your TS application is approved if you are interested in joining a mature community of fun, respect, and intellect.

    We appreciate your interest in the Tradition Sports and the Premier Madden Football League!

    ~The PMFL Staff~

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