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Archived Whats going on in Miami?????

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by LSUTRUTH, May 6, 2012.


    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    With the Dolphins 3rd loss in 4 games the Miami Dolphins have begun an awful skid. The Dolphins lost 3 games all of last season then proceeded to make massive overhauls to both the offense and defense. At first the Dolphins looked great starting off 3-0 and ranked 1 in the XFN power rankings. However over the course of the final 4 games the defense that was so dominate last season has been average to say the very least.

    *****Just Announced*****​
    Miami has fired new Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle. HC LSU TRUTH stated that "The change to the 4-3 has not worked and Coyles inability to adjust to the 3-4 has caused for him to released." Truth goes on to say he will be hiring familiar face and all signs point a longtime friend of Truth being former intern head coach of the Dolphins Todd Bowles. "Bowles was a guy who I think I missed on. I brought in Coyle thinking we could make this defense work. It has not and we have made a change."​
    Bowles will be in today. He will install our 3-4 package. In the transition period we will be a multiple front. Hopefully this allows for more turnovers as well as allows us to get back to what we do best which is win ball games. Hopefully this happens fast or you could see some more changes down in Miami​

    While people think the Dolphins lack the personal to make this switch lets take a look.

    Rookie DE Campbell was thought of as a hybrid type player DE/OLB he is athletic enough to stand up.
    DE Michael Johnson has played OLB in the NFL could he be the guy?
    Miami could also go the route of letting Tarik Hardy the current ROLB play the stand up role.

    My guess would be

    LOLB Aaron Curry
    WILB Tarik Hardy
    SILB Karlos Dansby
    ROLB Michael Johnson or Campbell

    We will see Stay tuned
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  2. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    We all get in a funk every once in a while, you will turn that ship around.
  3. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Im sure hopping the win against New England gets me going. Been a rough season to say the least lol

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