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While I'm Gone

Discussion in 'Legendary Veterans' started by IrishBearcat, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    Hokie Effect
    The Parrothead
    UNo x Broncos
    Will Atkinson

    First of all I want to thank everyone for extending their hand to pick up the slack and keep this engine moving while I'm gone. Glad to know we have a group we can count on to lend a hand when needed.

    With that said I just want to make sure that the operation here is handled as normal with my absence. I will not be home until late on Sunday the 19th.

    The schedule looks to be as follows:

    Sunday night: Off-Season
    Pre-Season: 24 hours advance Monday evening
    Week 1: 48 hours (Should go fast)
    Week 2: Regular week (48 hours) or bye for the majority
    Week 3: Regular week (48 hours) or bye for majority
    Week 4: Regular Week
    And on and on...

    LSU - when creating the schedules you need to consider OOC rivalries, 1 game schedule request (promised recruit or simply desire), vacations or dates people will be gone, ACC v Big XII challenge, and also make sure everyone has exactly 7 home games (try and make sure nobody has 4-5 straight home or away). Please Give me a week one bye and my lesser OOC in the earlier weeks as they will likely be simulated. I would like another shot at Cougars but if that doesn't work out I'm fine with whoever. Thank you.

    I have my cell phone. Each week everyone has 48 hours to play their games. Usually we encourage CPU games to be 24 hours but let it slide unless it starts happening in back to back weeks. If a situation arises where people are clamoring to advance early it needs to be cleared with me via text. I don't want somebody's game to be simmed because this group gets impatient. Even though I'm gone, I will still make that call.

    If a gameplay problem occurs or something urgent I would like you guys to PM LSU, Bl0nde, and myself. If for some reason it needs immediate attention Bl0nde and LSU will make a ruling. I should have CPU access at the very least so should be able to handle any problems if they arise, but want a backup plan in case I am unavailable.

    I think I have covered everything to make sure this ship sails smoothly while I'm gone. If there is something I missed or there are any questions feel free to text me. I am playing my bowl game now and will pass commish to LSU afterwards. Have a great week fellas, can't wait to get back and start balling with you guys again!

  2. BennettForce

    BennettForce Walk On

    Jun 18, 2012
    Have a good trip, be safe. Thanks to LSU and Blonde for keeping the ball rolling!
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