Why the Rams should move to LA

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  1. G_T_G


    Jul 21, 2010

    Hi guys,

    As you know, I have been planning to move the Rams to LA since I joined the league and switched over to them. There are multiple reasons why I think this move would be beneficial to the organization, city and - most importantly - myself.

    Reason 1)

    St. Louis currently is the home city of the Rams.

    Reason 2)

    The arena they currently play in sucks. Some people liken it to a Costco.


    Reason 3)

    LA is a much bigger market with fans that are dying for a football team to return. In fact, the last team to be in LA was none other than the Rams.


    Reason 4)

    LA is willing to help build a brand new, state of the art stadium to accommodate the football team, fans and city.



    Reason 5)

    I already clicked the relocation option.

    Hope you have found these reasons to be more than convincing.


    Mike Gates

    Owner, St. Louis Rams
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  2. uagrad90

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    Oct 25, 2010
    Denied. Lol only if you go back to blue and yellow unis. La is where the rams belong.

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