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Archived Wildcard: Redskins 23 @ Rams (Cowboys) 21

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by klaximilian, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. klaximilian

    klaximilian Walk On

    Apr 14, 2010
    In Rubber Match, Skins edge the Cowboys to advance to the Divisional Round of the Playoffs.


    In the rubber match between Marvis and TJ, this game came down to the very end.

    The Redskins won the toss and elected to kick and all the Cowboys the ball to start the game. Right off the bat merely a few plays into the game, Deangelo Hall picked off Tony Romo to put the Skins in good position to score. On a third down draw, LeSean McCoy was able to dance his way into the endzone to put the Skins up 7-0.

    Early in the 2nd quarter, there was a bit of confusion in the skins secondary and the motion of Dez Bryant left Rashad Cook wondering who he was covering. The result was a pass over the top to Kevin Ogletree for a 63 yard score to pull the game at even.

    The Skins would march right down the field to be stalled around the 30 yardline. Gano who only has missed one FG all season, lined up for the gimme-kick only to miss his 2nd FG of the season. Both of his misses were against the rival Cowboys. However, the Skins defense would prove to be stingy and they got the ball back with enough time to get back into FG and put 3 between the uprights.

    To start the 3rd quarter, the skins put together a long methodical drive that lasted more than half the quarter. It would have ended quick with 7 on the board, but an poorly thrown deep pass to Santana Moss sailed a foot too far out of bounds. Moss attempted to drag his toe, but was not able to. The nearest defender was 15 yards and McNabb hung his head in shame for the boneheaded miscue. On 3rd and long, McNabb was able to hook up with Rookie WR, Ronnie Belle for a huge first down. He would later again connect on a 3rd that drive to put the Skins in range for a Fg that would put the Skins up 13-7.

    The Cowboys again would respond with a drive of their own, picking their way down the field into the Redzone, and eventually hitting Ogletree on a drag route across the middle and into the endzone to put the Boys back on top 14-13.

    With minutes left in the 4th, the Redskins took a shot to an unlikely target deep in the middle of the field. McNabb tossed a perfectly arched spiral down the field to short target Chris Cooley for a 49 gain, putting them into FG range immediately. A quick pass to Moss got the Skins within the 10. The skins opted to run on first down to see if their line could create a crease, but they were only able to pick up a few. On the next play, a fade pass destined for 6 ended up falling to the ground as Aaron Scott was hit. He was able to gain positioning and had the ball secured, but as Jenkins slammed him to the ground, the ball was jarred out and fell incomplete. The next play FB Jason Davis was able to haul in the pass, but was stopped at the 1 yard line. They would settle for the chip shot to go up 16-14.

    On the next drive with less than 3 minutes remaining, the skins started to bend more than they wanted. The Cowboys were near midfield when the unlikely hero, backup DT Jason Jones was able to snatch an errant wobbler off of the arm of Romo for the INT, and able to outrun the lineman to out the Skins up by a secure 23-14 lead.

    The Redskins played a very soft prevent to dry the clock out. The cowboys were able to pick their way across the field, but with only 20 seconds remaining, the Cowboys needed to get the onside kick and pull of a miracle on top of that.

    Rookie HB Brandon Oliver fell on the onside kick, and the Redskins advanced to the next round of the playoffs to face the #1 seeded Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    GG Marvis. It's always a pleasure going to battle with you.
  2. BigSmooth33

    BigSmooth33 Walk On

    Jan 6, 2010
    Congrats Sci!
  3. Warhawk AKA dreadman

    Warhawk AKA dreadman Walk On

    Jul 27, 2010
    Good stuff Skins!!! better get them cleats ready....gonna be a tough one in Tampa!

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