Wisconsin Defense capitalizes on MSU mistakes....

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    Wisconsin came into this game 8-0. This game is their last user vs user game and it was described by the press as a "trap" game. MSU has been playing better football lately and right away it showed. Wisconsin rec'd the KO and stalled. MSU then tore down the field on a long laborious drive that ended in a TD. 7-0 MSU. Wisconsin started to move the ball a little but after a sack the had a 3rd and 12. MSU called a blitz and TE Walker got behind the defense and rumbled for a 63 yard TD from QB Fields. A much needed score. Wisconsin added a FG after a stop of MSU 10-7 WIS.

    In a matter of 2 mins is where the whole game changed. With 1 min left MSU got the ball a decided to try and score. They forced a pass on a manually covered WR crossing the middle and OLB Tyler Mills intercepted it and returned it for a TD. 17-7 WIS. MSU wasnt done as they again forced a bad pass and CB Mason intercepted and that led to another Fields to Walker TD 24-7 WIS. Well this pretty much decided the game. Fields added a 83 yd QB Option run to really seal the deal.

    WISCONSIN - 34
    MICHIGAN ST - 14

    I am really proud of our defense and overall team this year. In 4 user games we have outscored the opponents 115 to 35. Wisconsin has Indiana, Minnesota, and the dreaded Alabama Crimson Tide left on their schedule. A win vs the Tide should cement them in a #1 or #2 spot. They key here is to stay healthy for the rest of the season and shut down Bama.

    GG @Zetroc
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    GG JMS, I had such a great start, then boom reality kicked in. I'm getting better and hopefully some guys will progress to where I have a decent season before next years game. I look forward our next meeting. Now beat Rutgers!! Go BIG10!
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