With 125 yards rushing by Doug Martin and bend but don't Break Defense, Raiders get Victory

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    Going into Week 11 The AFC West 1st place was separated by 1 game.

    The Raiders coming off 2 Division losses to the League Leading Chiefs(6-5) and 2nd place Chargers (5-5) The game against the (3-7) Broncos was a must win.

    The game plan was to control the line of scrimmage. Run the Ball and Stop the run.

    Doug Martin started the game well and the Broncos had a tough time moving the ball. With 4 straight 3 and outs and the Raiders sticking to the game plan the 1st half ended with the Raiders leading 10-0.

    Getting the ball to start the 2nd half the Raiders felt confident that if a touchdown was scored we would have the game in hand.

    Raiders pick up 3 first down and get in FG range to take a 13-0 lead.

    As the defense had schemed well all game on the Broncos next possession Calvin Pryor makes an excelent play on the ball to get an INT.

    Raiders smelled blood after 2 - 11 yard gains... David Carr went for the jugular. As Streeter runs a fly he was wide open Carr underthrowths him and Broncos grab an INT and return it for 30 yards. Broncos had new life.

    As a shut out was in the Raiders plans, The Broncos scored a FG to make score 13-3.

    With possession football on offensive and bend but don't break attitude in the 4th. Raiders hold on to a 13-3 Victory.

    Raiders hold Broncos to 1-11 on 3rd downs and Doug Martin was given the game ball with 27 carries for 127 yards.

    Congrats to Coach Thompson for his first victory in the "Q"

    Great game saintsdave75
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