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Wk. 15 - Saints 45 vs Ravens 38

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    New Orleans, LA- Savage Mason Reporting

    After a come from behind victory last week, the Saints were able to keep their season on life support and keep things alive for a possible Brees come back in week 17 and a small run to the playoffs. None of that matters with another loss though and this was going to be a huge game for NO. Injuries have eaten the Saints season alive. Ravens were looking to make a statement at home and the crowd was behind them on this cold Sunday morning. Perfect football weather.

    Saints get the ball first as the Raven elect to kick. 2nd play of the game Bush would get smacked, fumbled, and it would promptly be recovered by Ravens SS for the fumble return td.

    Very first play from scrimmage after the kick off, Bush takes it 75 yards on a sweep to tie the game at 7 each.

    Saints force a Ravens punt and get back into the action again. This time Painter finds Meachem on a 78 yard td pass and catch. 14-7 Saints.

    After a interception, Bush takes it up the middle on a 52 yard td run, right up the gut. 21-7 Saints, quick.

    Ravens would tack on a fg with a little over 4 mins to go in the 2nd quarter to make it 10-21 Saints.

    Saints wouldn't let off by adding two quick scores and an interception quickly, only 10 seconds apart. First would come off a 1 yard Bush run, then an int, and the Painter would hit Moore on a 13 yard td pass to make it 35-10 Saints.

    Ravens never quit. The whole game, they just never stopped coming. Ravens would add a td late in the 2nd quarter with just 30 seconds left before halftime to make it 17-35 Saints.

    Painter would promptly throw in int right before half - his trademark.

    2nd half was crazy. Saints would begin to let off the gas, replace starters, and the Ravens would just come roaring back. Back enough to force NO to put back in their starters for the last drive.

    Ravens would get the ball first and begin a beautiful drive that would cap off on a 19 yard, amazing pass over the cb to stallworth for the td. 24-35 Saints.

    Saints would answer and then back off, with a 50 yard pass and catch td to Graham to make it 24-42 Saints.

    Saints would cap off their scoring with a 46 yard fg to put them up 21 with less than 6 mins to go in the game. All offensive starters were taken out and cruise control was placed on defense to try and avoid injuries.

    Ravens were quitting though - props for that.

    Ravens would tack on 2 tds to make it a 7 point game with less than 2 mins to go. Saints would put starters back in, pick up 2 first downs and then call it a day.

    Stats on the game:
    (will update once LC is updated)

    Good game Web. Always fun to play a nice clean game. GL rest of the way.

    Player of the game:

    Bush went sick nasty on the Ravens defense. Things should begin to get better for him with the arrival of OG Evans next week. Evans was ready to go this week, but to avoid another injury saints rolled with what they had, and it was working so there was no need to stop it. Reggie has avoided injury, had just a few fumbles, and has played great. Hes nasty catching the ball , but Coach Nate has avoided throwing him the ball at almost all cost to avoid cheese crying. Its been a good year for Reggie. Let's hope he can stay healthy in the future.
  2. weblink21

    weblink21 Walk On

    Oct 9, 2009
    Thanks buddy, you too. It was a fun game to be part of. Good luck going forward.

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