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WK 17 Eagles (38) Texans (35)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by VishaL, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. VishaL

    VishaL OMFL Eagles / PMFL Seahawks

    Oct 8, 2009
    WK 17 Eagles (38) Texans (35)

    Back and forth game......

    Eagles would tie the game in the 4th QT at 35-35 with 48 seconds left in the game , texans ball and a timeout after 1st down n a 6 yd gain, 2nd and 4, and a incomplete, 3nd and 4 incomplete, punt now on 4th down, eagles ball less than 30 secs but with all 3 timeouts, and they would get in range for a 55 yd FG after using their last time out, Haushka Would Nail it From 55 yard as time expires for the Win..............Full Recap Later

    Epic good game DJDunn

    Reggie Bush played only one play which was a 52 yard run TD before he sat down the rest of the game....
    PManning played 1st half Then K.Kolb took over right before halftime
  2. mustang20241

    mustang20241 Walk On

    Sep 24, 2009
    Wow Vishal I owe you 10 bucks, well actually maybe you owe me 10.. I want a refund on McNabb LOL

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