WK 2: Bengals @ Packers

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    Jun 30, 2009
    WK 2: Bengals @ Packers

    The Bengals go into Lambeau field and get there first win of the season behind a solid performance by Carson Palmer. Palmer went 19/26 for 302 yds and 4 TD's also had 1 int, Chad Ochocinco had 9 rec for 170 yds and 1 TD. The rushing game for both teams was not a factor as Green Bay rushed for 10 yds and the Bengals rushed for 56. Aaron Rodgers had a solid day with 269 yds passing and 3 TD's but also had 2 INT's. Both INT's were by Ndukwe as he responds after being givin the starters role at S.

    Bengals 38- Packers 21

    The Palmer---Ochocinco show has officially begun!



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