wk 2: Ravens (14) @ Chargers (45)

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    wk 2: Ravens (14) @ Chargers (45)

    A dominate effort showed by the Chargers defense as the unit forced 6 turnovers and accounted for 14 pts in a 45-14 rout of the Baltimore Ravens in San Diego, led by CB Jammer the defense was all over the place forcing Flacco into 4 int, that the offense quickly turn into points.

    The first half was all chargers, as the offensive unit scored 24 pts, capped off with a return for TD by Darren Sproles on a missed field goal and the chargers go into the half up 31-0.

    The second half was more of the same, but with the defense putting up 14 pts with a Jammer int for TD, and a Cooper fumble recovery returned 80 yds for the score.

    Looking ahead, the Chargers welcomed the Dolphins to the west coast, while the Ravens head home for a showdown with the Browns.

    Key Stat(Turnovers)
    Ravens 6
    Chargers 3

    San Diego
    P. Rivers 11-15 148yds 3td 1int
    L. Tomlinson 8car 82yds
    D. Sproles 4rec 125 yds 1td

    J. Flacco 16-28 253 1td 4int
    R. Rice 20car 64yds 1td
    T. Heap 5rec 121yds

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