wk 3: Dolphins (10) @ Chargers (45)

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    Oct 8, 2009
    wk 3: Dolphins (10) @ Chargers (45)

    It was the D. Sproles showcase as he racked up 416 total yds and 3tds, in the defeat of the Dolphins 45-10, losing the time of possesion battle the Chargers offense executed well, while the defense gave up yards, but stepped it up in the red zone. The game swung on a missed fg attempt by the Dolphins that was returned 108 yds by Sproles to end the first half, 24-3.
    Second half was played against the CPU.

    Next week the Chargers get their first road test as they head out east to Pittsburgh, while Dolphins fly back to Florida to host the Buffalo Bills.

    Key Stat
    D. Sproles 416 total yds 3tds

    San Diego
    P. Rivers 13-15 261yds 2tds
    L. Tomlinson 10 att 65yds 1 td
    A. Gates 4rec 35tds 1 td

    C. Henne 23-31 246yds 1td
    R. Brown 16att 92yds
    M. Jones 5rec 62yds 1td
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