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Wk 4: Colts and there bye week

Discussion in 'Game Scheduling' started by cry_havoc, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. cry_havoc

    cry_havoc Walk On

    Jul 27, 2012

    After the Colts first division victory of the 2012 campaign, coach Music is feeling generous and will be taking his team on a road trip to Chicago to 6 Flags Great America. Where they will spend there day ripping turns on Vertical Velocity and the Viper. Colts fans if you happen to be in the park that day, Coby Fleener, Jonas Mouton and TY Hilton will be signing autographs at Johnny Rockets. After practice on Thursday, Fleener stated "Hey, with all the adrenaline after the victory at home last week and the energy of these damn rides....shit, i might even grill the burgers myself for you folks."

    After there little adventure, the Colts head back to Indy to prepare for there week 5 battle against the Pack at good ole Lukois Oil Stadium.

    See ya on the field Troy ;)

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