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Wk. 4 Saints 34 vs Bucs 27

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009

    Saints Battle Bucs In NFCS Showdown - Hang On For Victory
    New Orleans, LA- Savage Mason Reporting


    Saints have struggled, to say the least, in every game this season. A tight game with the packers, then getting beat up by the Giants running backs, then a total flop verses the Falcons have left the Saints and their management frustrated and looking for answers.

    In come the Bucs who are red hot and battling the Falcons for the NFCS title. Let's take a look at this Saints vs Bucs showdown:


    Saints would lose the toss and receive the ball first. Brees would get the drive going as the Saints are going back to their old school roots on Defense and Offense. Something to get things kick started, because they are simply struggling too much. Brees would get hit though on a pass attempt with the nano blitzing (not on purpose or anything cheesy, just simply was 1/2 a second to do anything and would be sacked with no time to hit a button). Watson would pick off Brees and take it back 31 yards for the pick 6. Bucs 7-0.

    Saints would come right back and Brees wouldn't be held back. Brees hits rookie WR Tucker on a 38 yard streak to kill the Bucs zone for the quick answer to the pick 6 from Brees. 7-7 tie.

    Bucs would come right back and get back on the board with a Barth 36 yard fg. 10-7 Bucs.

    2nd half would be all Saints as the old school tips that the Saints have gotten away from both on offense and defense. Hartley would get the Saints back on the board with a 21 yard fg to tie the game. 10-10 tie.

    Bucs would get bitten by the hit/sack/int/pick 6 monster themselves as on the next drive Ellis would pick off a pass and take it back for 21 yards for the pick 6. Saints 17-10.

    Harley would tack on a 50 yard fg as time expired in the 1st half for a 20-10 Saints lead.

    Barth would get the bucs rolling on their come back attempt with a 51 yard fg to make it 13-20 Saints.

    2 drives later Bush would break off the right side and take it 41 yards for the long td run to extend the Saints lead 27-13.

    The 4th quarter would begin and things would get hairy for the struggling Saints. Addai, LSU native, would take it in from 9 yards out to make the score 20-27 Saints.

    Saints would get the all back with over 3 minutes to go and needing to pick up a few first downs and run this clock out. With over 45 seconds to go and no time outs Saints run it one last time and Bush would just walk through for the easy td, which the Bucs would take offense too because it wasn't necessarily needed. Saints 34-20.

    Bucs would get the ball and Coach nate would be caught sending a txt saying 'gg'. Ast. Coaches would call a short zone and the Bucs Meachem would burn the Saints for a last second td to make it 34-27 Saints.

    Scoring Summary:
    Player & Team Stats on the game:
    Great game Shiftee. Sorry I pissed you off. It's whatever. I've had it done to me and I meant no disrespect. See ya later in the year.

    Player of the game:
    WR Devery Henderson​
    Henderson, one of the premier WRs in the OMFL just 3 short seasons ago; had a flash back to his old ways this game. Look for more of these kind of stats from him this year: 8 receptions for 111 yards. Saints are going back to putting the ball in the hands of their play makers and getting away from slowing the game down. Look for Brees to make some plays, and some mistakes, and the Saints defense to get back to their roots.

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