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Wk 4 - Saints 49 vs Panthers 31

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Wk 4 - Saints 49 vs Panthers 31

    New Orleans, LA- Savage Mason Reporting

    OMFL Week 4 came a calling and the Saints found themselves in the Superdome with their good friend Claven and his Panthers across the field. Panthers brought with them one of the top running back duos in the league today, while the Saints brought with it one of the top offenses in the game and a defense who was coming into their own. Panthers need a win to show they belong with the big dogs and the Saints need a win to secure an early lead in the NFC South.

    Saints would win the toss and elect to kick.

    Panthers would take it right down the field with some great passing plays to throw off the Saints. Saints defense would tighten up and hold the Panthers to a 53 yard fg. Panthers 3-0.

    Saints would get the ball and take less than a minute to score on a 64 yard td pass to Henderson. Henderson would take a drag route and simple out run everyone on defense. After a great double move he would get in to take the lead. 7-3 Saints.

    Saints would take a drive after the start of the 2nd quarter and being to drive it down the field using Bush to get some nice runs in towards their only healthy side of the oline. Saints would cap off the drive on a 3rd and goal when Brees hit Henderson, who made a one handed grab on a inside crossing route. 14-3 Saints.

    After another forced punt the Saints would find themselves with a 3rd and short. Brees would try and hit a quick out to their 2nd te, but Panthers LB Davis would step in front and take it to the house for a pick 6. This would be one of Brees only mistakes on the day, but it was a big one. 14-10 Saints.

    Saints would get the ball back with just over 2 mins before the half and would look to score before the half. After a nice run on a delay the Saints would have a 3rd and 8 from the 25 yard line when Brees would see no one covering Bush who had sat down on a out route. Bush would take the pass and run it in for the td. 21-10 Saints.

    Saints would get the ball after half time and on the first play from scrimmage, Bush would take it on the left side and break it loose. 30 seconds after the start of half Bush would hit pay dirt from 67 yards. 28-10 Saints.

    Panthers would not give up and they would begin to go after Porter with WR Smith. Smith would haul in a 87 yard pass over Porter and the SS for the td. 28-17 Saints.

    Saints would be forced to punt and the Panthers would begin their come back. After being stopped on a 3rd and short the Panthers would punt to RB Brown of the Saints. Brown would take it in on the 5 yard line and after two cuts would break it for a 95 yard punt return td, this would be the play of the game since the Panthers were coming back strong. 35-17 Saints.

    Bush would take a run straight up the middle for a 18 yard td to start the 4th quarter and help the Saints back off the gas. 42-17 Saints.

    Panthers hand no quit in them today though. Clausen would hit Smith on a 43 yard td pass to tighten the game once again. 42-24 Saints.

    Saints were trying to just eat up clock when Brees finds Henderson on a quick slant for a 76 yard td. Problem was there was no one around him and it was an easy score. I'll admit, I struggled with weather or not to take it in. Either way I defiantly wasn't trying to rub it in and run up the score. 49-24 Saints.

    Saints would put in all 2nd and 3rd stringers to finish out the game.

    Marshall of the Panthers would pick off back up Saints QB Painter for a pick 6 to end the scoring on the day. 49-31 Saint.

    Stats on the game:​




    Great game CLAVEN! It's always fun to play my good friend with the Panthers. I look forward to meeting up with you down in Carolinaland.

    Player of the game:

    Bush would go 19 for 139 and 2 tds, and added 2 catches for 60 yards and a td. Bush really dominated today. He broke two long runs and really helped the Saints keep a balanced attack today. Bush has done a great job avoiding injury so far this season and the Saints came out of this game pretty injury free. If Bush keeps this up the Saints have a good season ahead of them.

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