WK 5: BILLS (35) @ JETS (21)

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    Apr 14, 2010
    WK 5: BILLS (35) @ JETS (21)


    Edwards, Bills handle the Jets with ease.

    The Buffalo Bills, fresh off their 41-7 bludgeoning of the Dolphins, took on the Jets this Sunday. Trent Edward built off of an efficient performance and powered the Bills to 35 points, and 3 TDs through the air. He passed for 290 yards and handed two TD's off to his backs Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson.

    On a 3rd quarter run, the Bills lost their RT Kareem McKenzie for the remainder of the game, but he should be ready to go in Week 6 against the New York Giants.

    On Defense, Paul Pozluszny added another sack this week, and the Bills pressured Mark Sanchez early to force 2 INTs. Sanchez would eventually fall into a rhythm and carved up the Bills secondary in the 2nd half, but it was all for naught. The Bills were well on their way to a victory with a 14 point cushion the entire game.

    The Bills are ready for Cimmy and the Giants to visit the Bills in what should a great showdown.

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