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Wk 7 - Saints 35 vs Bears 27

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Saints Stop Slide - Still Struggle In Beating Bears
    Chicago, IL - Savage Mason Reporting

    Saints travel to Chi town in Week 7, carrying a 4 game losing streak, 3 of which were won as time expired by a combined 10 points. Not the way you want to start the season. A big problem for this season has been Drew Brees. He simply hasn't played good football, good plays aren't being called, and an improved defense still gives up too many big plays in crucial situations. The Bears aren't playing much better right now though, and one team had to get a victory.

    Saints start the game off pounding the ball. It was a key to stay in the game, run the ball or get ran out of town. Saints would cap off their first drive with a 7 yard run from 3rd stringer Brown. 7-0 Saints.

    Bears would answer right back though with a drive that took only 2 plays. Saints defense was caught jumping a short route and Cutler would find Olsen behind the defense on a post for an easy 75 yard td score. 7-7 ball game.

    Chicago would play great defense and would force 3 Saints 1st quarter fumbles, recovering all but 1 of them. Bears would capitalize on one in the 1st quarter with a 18 yard td pass to Hester for a 14-7 lead. Things were not feeling good or looking good for the Saints.

    Back to the ground game went NO with another long drive. This time capped off by Greene with a 2 yard td run to tie the game at 14 each.

    Right before halftime the Bears would take the lead on a Gould 22 yard fg for a 17-14 halftime lead.

    Bears would receive in the 2nd half and get right back on the score board with a 49 yard fg from Gould to make it 20-14.

    Saints would answer though with a 4 yard td run from Greene, his 2nd on the day. (It says I went for 2 points, but I really really don't remember doing that). 20-20 tie.

    Hester would give the Bears the lead going into the 4th quarter with a 55 yard td pass from Cutler. 27-20 Bears.

    4th quarter would be all Saints. Henderson would finally show up. On a short route to the right, Henderson makes the grab, makes 2 defenders miss, and is off to the races for a 71 yard td pass from Brees to tie the game at 27 each early in the 4th.

    With the game tied and time running out, NO looked to just get into fg range and not leave time on the clock for ANOTHER last second fg to beat them. Henderson would make a grab on a post though and be off to the races again for a 57 yard td catch from Brees. 35-27 saints.

    Saints would get the ball back and take the V formation for their 2nd victory on the year.

    Scoring Summary:
    Player Stats on the game:
    Team Stats on the game:

    Great game @chrisdstan. I still hate 2k11 but at least this week I got a straight up game with no cheesy crap. The fumbles were crazy this game. GL the rest of the way.

    Player of the game:
    Henderson would show up late with 2 huge td grabs of 51 and 78. Saints needed Hendersons big play ability. Things just seem to be off. After the first 5 games of last season henderson has be injured and just disappeared. SAints need him back and need to run the routes that get him the ball, no matter what other owners say.​


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