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Wk 8 - Saints 42 vs Steelers 27

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Wk 8 - Saints 42 vs Steelers 27

    New Orleans, LA- Savage Mason Reporting

    It's been 2 weeks since the last NO Saints victory in the superdome. A victory which seen 5 starters go to the injury list for several weeks. After struggling to find any qb off the street who could come in and win, struggling to keep a defense together who was decimated by injury, and a oline who is missing their whole right side, the Saints badly needed a victory before all hope was loss. On a bright side the Saints were getting back veteran FS D. Sharper, problem is that wouldn't last for long as the Saints injury list continues to pile up like dollars bills at the strip club.

    Pitt would win the toss and elect to kick. Saints were anxious to get both of their new offensive and defensive schemes to work, trying to find a winning combination until a few starters could work their way back into the line up.

    Painter, who has struggled big time to replace the great D. Brees, struggled early. Making a very bad decision to throw a crossing route into double coverage, the Steeler defense promptly picks it off.

    Saints new defensive 3/4 scheme would get things back in order as they would hold the Steelers to a fg try of 44 yards, which K Reed would knock through. 3-0 Steelers.

    On their very first play after the kick, Bush would bust through the line and take it 78 yards for the Saints TD. Saints know if they are going to survive, its going to be on the legs of Bush. 7-3 Saints.

    Saints would get the ball back later in the quarter and start a drive off a turnover. Bush would punch it in from 3 yards out on a 3rd down as he just willed himself into the endzone. 14-3 Saints.

    4 plays later, CB/FS Jenkins would pick off Big Ben for a 39 yard pick six. Saints defense would do a good job early with shutting down the Steelers, but Big Ben wouldn't be denied late in the game. 21-3 Saints.

    Saints would get the ball back off of a fumble recovery and the Saints would begin a very nice drive as Painter really got his feet under him this game using a new PB to spread the ball around and not have as many drag routes (sorry, Saints PB has a ton and people were crying cheese over them). Painter would find Bush just sitting in the flat all by his self. Bush would take it in from 14 yards out for a huge Saints lead. 28-3 Saints.

    Steelers would get a nice drive going on a few nice passes from Big Ben. They would have to settle for a 28 yard fg from Reed though. 28-6 Saints.

    Saints would lose a fumble deep in their territory. This would happen both in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Once from Painter and once from Bush. Steelers would take advantage of the first one as Ben hits Randle El on a 89 yard td pass over 3 defenders. Saints defenders didn't play great this game on the long passes and Randle made them pay. 28-13 Saints.

    Saints would start the 3rd quarter out with a Painter to Graham 30 yard td pass to make it 35-13 Saints and they would begin to take their foot off the gas - never a good thing.

    Bush would end the Saints scoring late in the 3rd quarter with a 2 yard run to make it 42-13 Saints.

    After the next series the Saints would lose both their back up MLB (starter in their new 3/4) and Sharper with broken collar bones, which will sideline them for 5 weeks each.

    Saints would jerk out all starters from O and D and finish the game with back ups for the end of the 3rd and whole 4th quarters.

    Steelers would score two more times on a 2 yard run and a 76 yard pass to make the final score 42-27 Saints.

    Stats on the game:​


    Good game Jethro. I like how you never gave up. I think in the end, even though I picked up the W, you got the win with all my injuries. A very hard hitting game. GL the rest of the way.

    Player of the game:

    Bush would end the game, through 3 quarters, with 144 yards and 3 tds on the ground, and he would throw in another 2 catches for a td through the air. Bush is the only Saints starter who can really carry this team without Brees. Let's hope he can stay healthy.

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