wk11 Eagles 49 redskins 14

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    Oct 8, 2009
    wk11 Eagles 49 redskins 14

    opening kickoff the redskins will recieve, and a fumble! F. Davis of da redskins picks it up and goes 69 yards for the touchdown 7-0 skins

    eagles 1st chance with the ball, after a good drive mccoy runs it in from 10 yards, ties it at 7, jason cambell tosses a pick, which reggie bush turns into a 17 yard run, eagles on top now 14-7, and cambell throws another INT, this time the rookie C. RAY takes it back for rthe touchdown 21-7 eagles up, redskins ball and a sack fumble which laws picks up and returns to pay dirt 28-7 eagles up, after a redskins punt, manning throws a 45 yd TD to D. Jackson 35-7 eagles

    in the 3rd qt cambell throws a td to fred davis 35-14, 1st eagles play bush takes it 67 yards for a score, 42-14, B Jordan picks up a redskins fumble 20 yards for a TD 49-14, NO scoring in the 4th qt, final 49-14 Lesean McCoy breaks Collerbone out 10weeks(rest of season)

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