wk9: Chargers (38) @ Rams (10)

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    wk9: Chargers (38) @ Rams (10)

    The Chargers notch their 3rd win of the season over the Rams behind a defense the forced 4 turnovers and 5 sacks, denying the Rams any offensive rhythm. The offense was led QB Philip Rivers, giving his best effort so far this season, ending the game with a perfect QB rating.

    Next week the Chargers head to Arrowhead to face the Chiefs vying to get back into the AFC West race, while the Rams battle Carolina.

    Key Stat - Turnovers
    San Diego - 1
    St. Louis - 4

    San Diego
    P. Rivers 16-19 298yds 2tds
    D. Sproles 10car 30yds 1td
    J. Cribbs 5rec 77yds 1td

    St. Louis
    M. Bulger 8-21 172yds 3int
    S. Jackson 14car 82yds 1td
    R. McMichael 4rec 93yds

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