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WKU Hilltoppers

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by DirtycashDylan, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

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    Overall D D D D+ [/COLOR]D+ C C C+ B-
    Offense D D+ [/COLOR]C- C- C- C[/COLOR][/COLOR] C C+ B-
    Defense D D D D+ D+ C+ C C+ B-

    2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
    Academics C C D+ D+ D+ D+ D+ D+ D+
    Lifestyle C C C C C C C C C
    Coach Exp D+ C [/COLOR]C C C+ C+ C+ C+ C+
    Coach Prstg D+ D+ D+ C C+[/COLOR] C+ C+ C+ B
    Conference C C C C C C C C C
    Contender D D D+ C C+ B[/COLOR] B+ B+ B+
    Facilities C C C+ B[/COLOR] B B+ B+ B+ B+
    Fans C C C C+ C+ C+[/COLOR] B B B+
    Stability D+ C [/COLOR]C C+ C+ C+ C+ C+ C+
    Tradition D D+ [/COLOR]D+ C C C+ C+ B B
    TV D+ D [/COLOR]D D D D+ D+ C C+
  2. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    Opponent Week Location W/L Score MVP
    [​IMG] Week 1 @ #15 OU L 7-51 Rainey

    Demarco Murray and the Sooners imposed their will on the lowly Hilltoppers today rushing 27 times for 202 yards. Landry Jones went 14-18 for 4 TDs and 0 pics.
    WKU's lone touchdown came on a 3rd quarter option after the OU D had already phoned it in.
    WKU QB Kawaun Jakes went for an abysmal 3-21 and threw 3 INTs. HB Rainey rushed 16 times for 130 yards.
    I can't wait for next season.

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    [​IMG] Week 2 @ EMU W 24-14

    Week 1 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT Final
    EMU 7 0 0 7 0 14
    WKU 10 7 0 7 0 24

    First Quarter
    00:17 FG Western Kentucky Monte Merrick K #11 31 yard field goal
    04:34 TD Western Kentucky Quin Cooper WR #7 90 yard kick return TD
    04:45 TD Eastern Michigan Javon Reese RE #90 54 yard fumble
    Second Quarter
    00:00 TD Western Kentucky Bobby Rainey HB #3 77 yard rush
    Forth Quarter
    01:12 TD Western Kentucky Bobby Rainey HB #3 13 yard rush
    05:43 TD Eastern Michigan Corey Welch HB #26 19 yard rush

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
    [​IMG] @ Temple L 10-14

    You haven't been to a party until you've been to a party in Bowling Green, KY. Last week, the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers did what had never done before at the school-win a game in the FBS. Alcohol was consumed, merriment was had, couches were burned.
    This week, they had to wake up, pop an aspirin and take on their rival in the Temple Owls.
    Starting QB Kawaun Jakes was lost to a knee injury against EMU and will be on the bench for the next 2 weeks so backup Tyler Bruce made his debut. Bruce went 0-9, ZERO for 9. When asked about his fill-in performance Bruce said "It's not all my fault. Even when I hit those receivers they don't catch the damn ball."
    Luckily, the Hilltoppers had Bobby Rainey's legs to lean on but his 185 yards on 33 carries weren't enough as Temple took care of WKU 14-10.

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    [​IMG] Week 4 @ UL Lafayette L

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
    [​IMG] Week 5 HOME L 14-44

    Week 4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT Final
    WKU 14 0 0 0 0 14
    USU 34 0 7 3 0 44

    First Quarter
    06:44 TD Western Kentucky Bobby Rainey HB #3 79 yard rush
    06:29 TD Utah State Robert Turbin HB #6 75 yard rush
    06:17 TD Western Kentucky Bobby Rainey HB #3 78 yard rush
    04:47 TD Utah State Diondre Borel QB #12 91 yard rush
    04:33 TD Utah State Tarren Lloyd TE #88 52 yard pass from Diondre Borel QB #12
    04:18 TD Utah State Kellen Bartlett TE #81 54 yard pass from Diondre Borel QB #12
    04:01 TD Utah State Eric Moats WR #82 52 yard pass from Diondre Borel QB #12
    Third Quarter
    06:16 TD Utah State Stanley Morrison WR #11 69 yard pass from Diondre Borel QB #12
    Forth Quarter
    01:14 FG Utah State Peter Caldwell P #8 39 yard field goal

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
    [​IMG] Week 7 L 38-14

    Battle of Douchbaggery
    Week 6 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT Final
    WKU 0 7 7 0 0 14
    WMU 7 14 7 10 0 38

    First Quarter
    02:33 TD Western Michigan Aaron Winchester HB #23 2 yard rush
    Second Quarter
    02:56 TD Western Michigan Aaron Winchester HB #23 100 yard rush
    01:59 TD Western Kentucky Kawaun Jakes QB #6 76 yard rush
    01:01 TD Western Michigan Aaron Winchester HB #23 1 yard rush
    Third Quarter
    06:02 TD Western Kentucky Kawaun Jakes QB #6 14 yard rush
    04:43 TD Western Michigan Aaron Winchester HB #23 73 yard pass from Alex Carder QB #14
    Forth Quarter
    06:53 TD Western Michigan Blake Hammond TE #85 34 yard pass from Alex Carder QB #14
    04:39 FG Western Michigan John Potter K #17 34 yard field goal

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    [​IMG] Week 8 @ ND L 35-6

    My returner fumbled the opening kickoff and the defender scooped and scored. After that, I did everything perfect in that game. My D dominated the rest of the first half forcing 2 fumbles and a pic and just overall playing like badasses but, alas, my O couldn't score.
    Jakes went 9-31 for 133 yards and 2 pics. Most of his incompletions were dropped passes. Rainey ran 13 times for 48 yards.
    Dayne Crist picked on WKU's 52 ovr rated CB all day going 20-30 for 296 yards and 2 TDs w 1 pic. FML

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
    [​IMG] Week 9 @ Idaho W 19-9

    First Quarter
    00:21 TD Idaho Corey White HB #5 4 yard rush
    Second Quarter
    04:40 SF Idaho Nathan Enderle QB #10 0 yard safety
    04:29 SF Western Kentucky Keshawn Simpson HB #34 0 yard safety

    04:04 TD Western Kentucky Jared Clendenin RE #5 16 yard int
    Forth Quarter
    04:20 FG Western Kentucky Monte Merrick K #11 37 yard field goal
    01:40 TD Western Kentucky Keshawn Simpson HB #34 79 yard rush

    Started out as a defensive battle and punt fest. (He called the broken PA play and took a safety so I took a safety, too.) My DE was able to jump the Jail Break screen he called and took that in for 6. We spent most of the game tied at 9. He'd shut down my offense for 3 and outs and then he'd come out and eventually throw one of his 4 pics and the cycle would repeat. That is until the 4th quarter when the WKU offense started heating up. These 2 plays happened back to back. the videos My dick got hard.
    We were able to go up a FG that drive and then held Idaho to a 3 and out. Just a little over 2:00 to victory. The other RB then took a hand off from the Wishbone 79 yards for the score.
    Kewaun Jakes had his best game yet going 6-11 for 122 yards. Bobby Rainey rushed 13 times for 64 yards while catching 2 for 53. Trent Calhoun had 2 picks but wtf knows who he is.

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    [​IMG] Week 10 @ Kentucky W 37-14


    First Quarter
    05:28 TD Western Kentucky Bobby Rainey HB #3 55 yard rush
    01:53 TD Western Kentucky William Simmons HB #25 4 yard rush
    00:34 TD Western Kentucky Cam Thomas SS #12 44 yard interception
    Second Quarter
    06:00 TD Kentucky Moncell Allen HB #30 10 yard rush
    00:59 TD Western Kentucky Bobby Rainey HB #3 17 yard pass from K Jakes QB #6
    Third Quarter
    06:48 TD Western Kentucky Bobby Rainey HB #3 98 yard kick return TD
    Forth Quarter
    04:14 TD Kentucky LaRod King WR #16 7 yard pass from Morgan Newton QB #12

    Game ball goes to my entire defense. They really stepped up this game and played great as one unit. That being said, Bobby Rainey is one bad motha
    Rushing ATT Yards TD Long
    Bobby Rainey 18 160 1 55
    Receiving Catches Yards TD Long
    Bobby Rainey 2 48 1 31
    Kick Return Returns Avg Long TDs
    Bobby Rainey 2 63 98 1
    He would've had more but I pulled him out for the 4th quarter.

    I hope I've turned a corner in this game. A few weeks ago, I couldn't beat Temple. Tonight, I went 3-0 including a big win against CenTechsan's Vandals and a blowout @ Kentucky.

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    [​IMG] Week 11 @ W 31-24

    1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT
    WKU 3 7 7 14 0 31
    Kent 7 7 10 0 0 24

    The Hilltoppers hilltop the Golden Flashes of Kent State 31-24. Jakes did what was asked of him going 5-9 for 79 yards. Rainey had another big day burning what JQwon calls "defense" for 192 yards and a TD on just 17 carries including a 71 yard HB stretch. Sr WR Quinn Cooper caught 3 balls for 54 yards as well as adding 34 yards on 4 carries of his own.

    The defense looked a little suspect giving up over 400 yards, most coming through the air, but they were able to force 4 turnovers to keep it close until the 4th quarter. When asked if he was worried about the D, DCD muttered "as long as we play coaches like that, we've got nothing to worry about."

    WKU has turned their season around and won an unprecedented 3 in a row to make their overall record 4-6 and keep their bowl dreams alive. But it won't be easy as next week they visit a ranked Army team and then off to the upstart Mid Tenn.

    Army 7 7 7 7 0 28
    WKU 3 7 7 7 0 24

    I'll let the victor do his writeup but I just had a few thoughts. Maggie played a good game and I don't want to take anything away from him but I felt like I was, again, out-athleted this week. He came out and threw the ball and my defense just wasn't up to stopping him. Meanwhile, my oline got bulled over time and time again giving up 4 sacks and many hurries. We were able to win the TO battle 2:0 but it wasn't enough in the end.

    On a sidenote, we had a chance to go up late in the 4th when Rainey broke a KR outside and saw nothing but daylight but my controller ran out of battery power and the KR stopped dead in his tracks. My neighbors heard about that one.
  3. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    1 [​IMG] Cincinnatti W 43-42
    2 [​IMG] Norman L 10-40
    3 [​IMG] Home W 31-24
    5 [​IMG] Home W 41-14
    6 [​IMG] Murfreesboro W 37-22
    8 [​IMG] Home W 49-24
    9 [​IMG] Jonesboro L 34-44
    10 [​IMG] Home W 36-31
    11 [​IMG] Birmingham W 38-31
    12 [​IMG] Kalamazoo L 14-59
    13 [​IMG] Home L 52-31
    14 [​IMG] Home W 38-7
    BOWL [​IMG] St Petersburg Bowl W 48-16



    Western Kentucky got their first bowl victory in school history Tuesday night destroying the much more talented South Florida Bulls by 32. After studying tape from the Air Force Academy all Saturday and Sunday night, WKU coach DCD went to the option early and often. SR HB Bobby Rainey didn't disappoint in his finale rushing 20 times for 127 yards and a score, but the real story was Kawaun "JQwon" Jakes (12-14, 190 yards 1 TD 0 Int, 5 rush 127 yards 3 TDs) announcing to the world that he didn't need facial hair to be the 3rd best QB in the C-USA.

    Western Kentucky's program is at an all time high as they look to parlay this bowl victory into even more future success.
  4. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

    Column 1 Column 2
    FS returning a 53 ovr SO and a 49 ovr SR
    OLINE returning Ts are a 55 ovr SO and a 47 ovr JR. My SR Gs are 64 and 60 but only a 44 ovr SO for the future. 75 JR C with 51 backup.
    LB huge need that wasn't filled with last year's class. After a 64 true frosh MLB, no one is over 56.
    WR After a 68 and a 65 SR, only 4 others and all<56 overall.
    DLINE will have 8 SR DLinemen in '12 which means in '13 I'll have 0 DEs and 2 DTs, 44 and 55, returning. wanna squash this need with this class.


    Rank Caliber Pos Name Size State Attributes/Comments
    532 :3stars: T(37) J.Newby 6'6 304 GA Juco C+ pbftw, C pbstr/str/imp/rnblk/psblk/acc, D+ rbstr, D rbftw. Had late offers from FSU, GT, Aub and Pitt but I got an insta-sign before they could overtake me. He'll probably be the most important recruit this year.
    653 :3stars: HB(79) J.Johnson 5'11 202 KY B- spd, C+ acc, C agi/elu. Decent power back who may get a look at FB.
    840 :3stars: FS(38) C.Smith 6'0 214 GA B- spd/man, C+ acc/pow/purs, C agi/tkl/cat/prss/jmp/blksh, D- zone. He makes a great safety prospect except for that zone rating. I'll probably start him at FS his freshman year and then, depending on the next class, move him to OLB. I don't see him being a 4 year starting S.
    1200 :3stars: DE(102) N.Campbell 6'5 236 IL C acc/str, B- pow, D+ spd/agi, C- blksh/purs. Will most likely be starting his rsFR year.
    1330 :3stars: WR(189) G.Rawls 6'3 230 IL B spd, C+ acc/agi, D+ spec/car, D cat/brktk. Super excited about this big guy. My WR class is looking good so he may move to TE.
    1346 :3stars: WR(190) A.Greene 5'10 175 IL B+ spd, C+ car, C brktk/acc. Another solid WR who may start in 4 WR sets. Nice speed and brk tkl.
    1501 :2stars: MLB(69) T.Edwards 6'1 230 FL B+ spd, B- acc/str, D tkl. He's got FL speed. Will move to OLB or possibly SS.
    1567 :2stars: HB(132) R.Pettit 6'1 208 VA B+ spd, B acc. Speedy back who probably won't see the field for at least a couple years. Vandy almost stole him away late.
    1671 :2stars: MLB(76) B.Patrick 6'3 212 IL B- acc/str, C+ spd, D+ agi/blksh/pow, D everything else except tkl. The tkl thing worries me but it's good to get a little more athletic at LB. Beat out Ball State.
    1701 :2stars: SS(73) P.Patterson 6'2 181 VA C+ spd/acc/pow, C cat, C- recog/str/prss, D+ tkl, D- man/zone. No real coverage skills but he was an early signee and I needed the bodies.
    1722 :2stars: TE(73) M.Boone 6'1 246 KY B acc, C cat/spd/rte/rbstr. Will play FB next year and possibly for his career.
    1834 :2stars: WR(232) V.McCall 6'2 182 IL B- spd, C acc/brktkl, D cit, D- cat. He's 6'2 so...there's that.
    1913 :2stars: G(134) B.Gibbons 6'4 273 IL C str/rnblk str/psblk str/imp, C- acc. Late steal from Ball State. Much needed recruit that will have every opportunity to start as a SO.
    1950 :2stars: WR(241) T.Kendrick 6'5 199 OH B spd, B- jmp, C+ agi, D- cat/acc/rte/release. He has potential with that height but he is definitely a project.
    Offs :2stars: DE J.Tolbert 6'3 237 52 ovr
    Offs :2stars: OLB P.Brown 6'5 211 58 ovr
    Offs :2stars: QB J.Lumpkin 6'7 220 62 ovr juco

    Two transfers:
    Franklin is 6'2 219, 78 ovr, 82 spd, 93 acc, 87 agi, 88 thpow, 89 thacc, 86 btkl and 73 elusiveness. He'll sit next year and become eligible in '13 as he walks into the starting job for the departing JQwon.

    Fields is a 6'5 257 lb monster with 89 speed. 77 ovr, 81 acc, 78 agi, 77 str, 74 tak, 81 powmv, 69 fnsmv, 78 blksh, 83 purs and 79 pow. He might have more of an impact at MLB but his zone is only 42 and DE will be a need in '13.
  5. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    2012 SEASON


    QB - - 55-62-82 - 3
    RB - 56-67 - 58-76 4
    FB - 59 - 53 2
    WR - 53-57-59-62 43-54 51-58 8
    TE - - - 53 1
    T 3* - 59 50-64 3
    G - 56 48 - 2
    C - - 56 80 2
    DE - 52-58 79 60 4
    DT 2*-3* - 46 60 2
    OLB - 58-58-67 54-59 54 6
    MLB - - 1*-50-57-66 57 4
    CB 3* 45 46-61-62 49 5
    FS - - 46-57 64 3
    SS - 53-56 - - 2
    K - - - 82 1
    P - - - - 0

    Note:either the freshman are playing or are not worth redshirting.
    These ratings are pre progression.

  6. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    2012 SEASON

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    2 [​IMG]#8 Pittsburg L 23-62
    3 [​IMG] Home W 49-10
    4 [​IMG] Louisville L 24-31
    5 [​IMG] Monroe L 31-41
    6 [​IMG] Home
    7 [​IMG] Home
    8 [​IMG] Ipsilanti
    9 [​IMG] Home
    10 [​IMG] Westpointe
    11 [​IMG] Home
    12 [​IMG] Home
    13 [​IMG] Kent
  7. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

    TE returning a 53 ovr SR and that's it
    OLINE64 SR T and 59 JR T, 56 SO G and 48 JR G; I'd prefer only the 1st T to start next year.
    DT60 SR, 46 JR. I want to really turn this weakness into a strength since everyone is running on me.
    DBAny. I can't go lighter than my nickel package and my starters are mired in mediocrity.
    K/PI'll return a SR K so I've got an extra season before panicking too much.

  8. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    2013 SEASON

    2|Louisville|W 61-7|
    3|@ Temple|W 49-0|
    4|@ Utah State|W 45-42|
    5|UL Lafayette|W 63-49|
    6|@ Middle Tennessee|L 40-42|
    7|@ Idaho|W 38-23|
    8|Eastern Michigan|W 23-20|
    9|@ NC State|W 45-28|
    10|Army|W 45-28|
    11|Wake Forest|W 48-13|
    12|@ Western Michigan|L 49-56|
    13|Kent State|L 47-54|
    B|New Orleans vs SMU|W 66-49|

    Congratulations to WKU QB James Franklin for winning the Heisman Memorial Trophy.
  9. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

    1|@ Louisville|W 69-24
    2|@ Oregon|W 38-35
    3|Ohio State|W 16-13
    4|Utah State|W 34-27
    5|@ ULL|W 52-48
    6|Mid Tenn|L 31-34
    7|Idaho|L 42-56
    8|@ EMU|W 31-14
    10|@ Army|L 56-63
    11|Temple|W 51-28
    12|WMU|L 38-63
    13|@ Kent|W 59-55
    B|St. Pet vs FSU|L 35-63

    New School Career Records:

    Shaun Griffin​
    Rec Yards-3605​
    Rec TDs-27​
  10. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

    :4stars: juco(SO) FS(8) Malcom Cochran 6'3 209 4.34/40 St. Mary's, GA
    A spd, B acc/tackle/press, B- man/zone/power/purs/blk shd, C+ agi/str, C recog/catch/jump
    Will step on the field and be the best player on my team and has the potential to be the most dominant defender in H4Y. Griffin finally has someone to work against in practice.
    Had offers from Bama, Michigan and Miami.

    :4stars: WR(20) Brent Jenkins 6' 172 Streamwood, IL
    A- speed, B- acc, C rte/CIT/jump/btk, D catch
    He gives me a dynamic slot WR finally but I'll have to see how he catches the ball. If nothing else, he should instantly improve my return game.
    Offers from Ill and USU.

    :3stars:CB(25) Chris Alexander 5'11 185 Pleasure Ridge Pk, KY
    B spd, B+ acc, B- zone, C+ man/agi
    Another good looking DB. Might be a notch below the other 2 guys.
    Qwon smartened up and pulled this guy's Kent offer. Had offers from Boise and TCU as well.

    :3stars: G(90) Craig Ramsey 6'2 295 Murray, KY
    B acc, C str, B- psblk str, C rnblk str, D rnblk and psblk ftw
    He won't see the field anytime soon but it's nice to get some freshman depth in.

    :3stars: WR(57) Jose Cox 6' 160 Country Club Est, GA
    B spd, B- acc, C+ jump/brktkl, C- catch/CIT
    Really solid WR who'll take a RS and have a chance at starting in 2016.

    :3stars: FS(18) Eddie Lewis 6'3 201 West Helena, AR
    B spd/acc/jump, B- press, C+ tkl/purs, C agi/zone/power/bsh, C- man/catch/str
    Might catch a RS as I'll have several senior safeties next year but I doubt I'll be able to keep this big guy off the field. My first good S commit for WKU.

    :3stars: CB(16) Shawn Gray 6' 204 Durant, OK
    B- spd/agi/man/zone, B+ acc, C+ press/purs, also D+ catch and D tackle
    He probably moves to safety with his B- speed, catch/tackle ratings and his 200+ lb body.
    Beat out ULL, USU and Iowa St.

    :3stars: CB(23) Chris Campbell 6'1 180 Burbank, IL
    B spd, B- acc/agi/man/zone, D+ catch, D tackle
    Best cover guy I've ever landed by far. He's obviously a tad slow but his other attributes should make up for that. He'll see playing time year 1.
    Offers from Idaho and ULL.

    :3stars: RB(28) Roy Hawkins 5’9 168 Adamsville, AL
    B+ spd, B- spin/juke, C+ agi/stiffy
    Good looking kid who, once again, has D- carrying. Luckily, RB isn’t a need.

    :3stars: QB(27) Nate Barbour 6’2 201 repping that Bethany, OK
    B- arm strength, C- accuracy, C speed, C+ acc
    Will take a RS and could be the QB of the future after the jucos graduate and if he isn’t recruited over.

    :3stars: DE(41) Dennis McGee 6’3 213 Windsor, CN
    C- spd/tkl/powmv/purs/pow/jump, B acc, C str
    Dennis ‘Big Titty’ McGee has a bright future and will gladly take a RS.

    :2stars: TE(67) Eric Stevenson 6'7 232 Pine Hill, FL
    C+ spd, B- acc, C catch/release
    Big pass catcher who I'd love to RS but he'll probably be my 2nd TE by default.
    No other offers.

    :2stars: OLB(136) JC Gary Gates 6’5 187 Barberton, OH
    C spd, A- acc, B- purs, C tkl/blksh/zone/man/pow/str/powmv
    Only thing this guy lacks is speed. If nothing else, he gets me a little further into Ohio.

    :2stars: DE(204) JC John Cox 6’4 245 Manassas, VA
    C- spd, C+ acc/finmv/blksh, C str/pow
    Cox will see a RS and compete for the opening in year 2016.

    :2stars:G(120) JC(so) James Johnson 6’5 282 Oak Grove, SC
    B- acc, C+ rnblk str, C psblk/rnblk/imp/str/psblk str
    Don’t see him contributing right away but he’s young.

    :2stars: DT(130) JC Alex Britton 6’3 265 Addison, IL
    C+ acc, B- str, C- blkshd/powmv/finmv/power
    Hopefully, Britton won’t be needed but DT is a soft spot next year.

    :2stars: QB(100) JC EJ Hayden 6’ 190 Plainfield, NJ
    B- spd, C+ arm power, C accuracy, C acc/agi/brktkl/elu
    Brought in to compete with the other juco QBs already on the roster.

    :1stars: OLB(153) JC(so) Blake Parham 6’1 242 Hazard, KY
    B spd, B- acc, C+ tkl, D+ agi/recog/blksh/purs,
    Late offer to take up a roster spot. May get moved to DE or just be a career special teamer.
  11. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

    1|@Iowa St|W 55-7|QB Nate Alford 22-32 311 YDS, 3 TD/0 INT
    3|Temple|W 56-14|QB Alford 19-28 386 YDS, 4 TD/0 INT
    4|@#9 Oklahoma|L 27-30|CB Alexander 6 SOLO TKLS, 2 FF
    5|UL Monroe|W 38-17|NPOTW FS Malcom Cochran 9 TKLS, 1 SACK, 1 INT, 1 FF
    6|@Mid Tenn|W 55-13|RB Corey Douglas 14 CAR 176 YDS, 3 TD, 4 BTK
    7|#23 TCU|W 42-14|WR Shaun Griffin 9 REC, 187 YARDS, 2 TD
    8|Eastern Michigan|W 59-20|WR Brent Jenkins 8 REC, 188 YDS, 2 TD, 100 YAC
    9|@ Arkansas St|W 74-42|WRs Giffin and Jenkins 7 combined REC, 335 YDS, 4 TD
    10|Army|L 20-31|WR Larry Grigsby 5 REC 107 YDS 1 TD
    11|@UAB|W 63-3|NPOTW backup MLB Nate Newman 5 TKLS 3 TFL 2 FF
    12|@Western Michigan|L 27-52
    13|Kent St|W 41-38
    BW|Utah @St Petersburg|L 17-23


    Pass TD-60​

    WR Shaun Griffin
    Rec Yards-4607​
    Rec TDs-38​
  12. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    2016 Incoming Class

    :4stars: WR(16) ESPNU 150 John Kiniry 6'2 180 Adamsville, AL
    B+ spd, B- agi/jmp/car, C+ acc/route, C CIT, C- rel/brktkl
    Kiniry isn't great at anything but good at most. He'll probably see a RS.
    Won a long battle vs Arky St and ND for this kid.

    :4stars: HB(28) Mike Gipson 6' 211 Grapevine, TX (Grapevine stand uppp)
    B spd/acc/stiff/juke, C agi/brktkl/truck/elu/vision/spin
    I stole this guy while no one was watching. He had no other offers. I don't have any expectations, I'll just throw him in the stable and see what happens.

    :4stars: C(9) Seth Merrill 6'2 302 Mount Vernon, VA
    B+ acc, B- rnblk, C psblk/imp/str/rnblkftw/rnblkstr/psblkftw/psblkstr
    I'll have 3 returning centers + this guy but whatever, I'll move a couple to T.
    Had offers from ECU, VT, and Pitt.

    :4stars: WR(37) Elliott Guidry 6' 215 New Hope, MN
    B spd/acc/agi, B- jmp, C+ carry/brktkl, C- route/CIT/spect/release
    He'd be the perfect candidate for a move to RB if he had more than D- for elu/juke/spin/stiff. I don't see him making that much of an impact but you never know.
    Had offers from MN and Navy.

    :3stars: SS(9) Connor Nobles 6'5 226 Reading, OH
    C+ spd/zone, B- acc/tkl/jump, C agi/man, C- power/catch/str, D+ purs/press/blksh
    Kinda stoked about this find. Will undoubtedly be moved to LB with that size and strength. Tackles like a LB, covers like a safety. The only knock on him, whether S or LB, is his C+ speed. Unless he comes in and wows me, he'll catch a redshirt and probably play LOLB (the one who comes off the field on passing downs) but with his ball skills, who knows. If he never progresses, he atleast helps me get into the elusive Ohio.
    Had no other offers.

    :3stars: CB(47) Sean Austin 5'11 195 Bowling Green, KY
    B+ spd, B jmp, B- agi/man, C+ acc, C zone/press/recog/power, also D+ catch, D tkl/purs
    I've taken 3 CBs each (6 total) over the past two years so I was only gonna take someone quality and this guy fits the bill. I think he'll pass some older CBs on the depth chart in a few years and find his way into the starting lineup.
    Had offers from Purdue and Navy.

    :3stars: TE(11) Jack Brown 6'3 227 Saraland, AL
    B- spd, C+ brktk/imp, C acc/agi/CIT/rnblk, C- route/psblk/rleas/str/psblk str
    D catching but I'm still excited about this big man's athleticism. He has a good chance to start his freshman year.
    Had an offer from UCF.

    :3stars: DT(25) Jesse Franklin 6'4 271 Immokalee, FL
    B- str, C+ powmv/blksh, C takl/purs, C- finmv/power
    He'll catch a RS and contribute later on.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: juco WR(#217 (lol)) Isaac Jean 6'4 204 Peachtree City, GA
    B+ spd, B- jump, C acc/agi/CIT/brktkl, C- catch, D in everything else.
    Trying to get away from jucos but I had to take this one. Isaac should come in and see time in 4 or 5 Wide if nothing else, which means he'll play over the other two 4* incoming freshman.
    No other offers.

    :2stars: OLB(104) Dane McGrew 6'6 240 Plant City, FL
    B- spd, C+ acc, C tkl, C- recog, D agi/blksh/zone/power/strength
    I needed to take 3 LBs this class (1 MLB and 2 outside) and McGrew was the first one to pull the trigger. Like his size, home state, marginal speed, and the fact that I took him away from Hammer. I doubt he'll ever sniff the starting line up though.
    Offered by Army.

    :3stars: DE(93) Zach Carroll 6' 244 Idylwood, VA
    D+ spd, B+ acc, B- power, C powmv/blksh, C- finmv/purs
    I'll be looking to recruit over this guy in the near future.
    Had offers from ECU and Tenn.

    :3stars: QB(59) Cedric Miller 6'1 204 Auburndale, FL
    C spd, B- acc, C+ agi, B- thr power, C- thr acu
    Had to take one and I like his home state. If his accuracy progresses, Miller has a shot at starting in 2 years if he doesn't get recruited over.
    Offers from Wisc and FSU.

    :2stars: OLB(97) Jon Peterson 6'3 212 Atlanta, GA
    B- spd, B+ acc, C recog/zone, D+ tkl/blksh/man/power/str/jump
    Had to take one. Will spend 4 years on the bench.
    Offered by Clemson.

    :2stars: JUCO CB(174) Cole Price 6'3 172 Rochester, NY
    A spd, B- acc/agi/man/jump, C awr/press/purs
    Started recruiting him around week 10 and can't believe I landed this gem. He'll most likely start immediately. 6'3+A speed=Price Island.
    No other offers.
  13. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

    1|Boston College|W 41-20|back up QB Nate Barbour 304 YDS 4 TD 1 INT
    2|@ #3 Oregon|L 34-37|QB EJ Hayden 402 YDS 2 TD 2 INT
    4|@ Georgia Tech|W 48-14|WR Griffin 8 REC, 212 YDS, 4 TD
    5|@ ULM|W 35-24|RB Corey Douglas 14 CAR, 102 YDS, 2 TD
    6|Mid Tenn|W 63-34|WR Lumpkin 8 REC, 255 YDS, 4 TD
    7|#7 Michigan|W 56-24|QB Hayden 25-47 504 YDS, 3 TD 2 INT
    8|@ EMU|W 42-27|RB Douglas 11 CAR, 132 YDS, 2 TD
    9|ASU|L 14-37|WR Griffin 5 REC 165 YDS 2 TD
    10|@ Army|L 45-48|RB Rashad Pettit 14 CAR 92 YDS 2 TD
    11|UAB|W 48-17|RB Pettit 11 CAR 231 YDS 4 TD
    12|#15 WMU|L 39-52|RB Pettit 14 CAR 157 YDS TD 7 REC 83 YDS 1 TD
    13|@ Kent|W 56-49|RB Pettit 17 CAR 210 YDS 4 TD 4 REC 43 YDS 1 TD
    Bowl|Hawaii vs Tulsa|W 49-34|QB Hayden 31-56 632 YDS 6 TD
  14. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

    A great year of recruiting in the state of Kentucky that included 4 :4stars: kids (I signed half) and 15 :3stars:.

    :4stars: DT(16) Jonathan Lewis 6'1 273 Fern Creek, KY
    D+ spd, B- str, C+ acc/tkl/powmv, C blksh/pow, C- finmv/purs
    A 4* in KY? that's also interested in me? gtfo. He insta-signed week 1. Lookin at his stats, dude will probably start for 4 years.

    :4stars: T(20) Michael Coleman 6'5 285 Mountain Park, GA
    B- rnblkftw/psblkstr, C+ psblk/imp, C rnblk/str/rnblkstr/psblkftw
    Very excited to land my first decent tackle prospect. Look for him to redshirt and possibly start in 2018.
    Offers from Kent State, Clemson and UCF.

    :4stars: G(16) Joey Gilliam 6'2 297 Morehead, KY
    C+ spd, A- acc, B- rnblkftw, C+ psblk/str, rnblk/rnblkstr/psblkstr, C- awr/psblkftw
    Super pumped about this athletic big man. I can't wait to see him getting to the next level or pulling. I'll probably throw him on the kick return team as well, as he's more athletic than some of my TEs, and he may see some FB duty down the road.
    Offered by Kent State

    :4stars: WR(38) Dale Thomas 5'11 198 Normal, IL
    A spd, B- spec/jump, C acc/agi/route/CIT
    Pretty happy to find this insta-commit waiting for me in the offseason. I'm pretty deep at receiver but he'll probably be in the starting 4 eventually.

    :3stars: TE(16) Joe Warren 6'6 222 Oakwood, OH
    C+ spd/brktkl/psblkstr, C acc/agi/CIT/str/imp/rnblkstr, C- route/psblk/rnblk/rels/rnblkftw
    Guy has at least C- on almost everything. I think he'll see playing time year 1 while I redshirt an older, lesser TE.
    Offered by Kent State

    :3stars: JC(SO) G(43) Daniel Quinn 6'7 291 Peterborough, CN
    D+ spd, B acc, B- rnblkftw/rnblkstr, C+ awr/psblk/str, C rnblk/imp
    Another good looking fatty. Not sure where he'll fit in but I'll find a place for him after a RS year.

    :3stars: CB(21) DJ Myrick 5'9 160 Martinsburg, WV
    B+ spd/purs, B man/jump, B- acc/zone/press, C+ agi, C- power, D tak/catch
    Big things can come in small packages and all that. If he was 2" taller, he'd be a 4*. May see a move to safety but I'd rather not.
    Offers from VT and WVU.

    :3stars: OLB(33) Lorenzo Pitts 5'11 217 Wolf Trap, VA
    B- spd, A acc, C+ tak/recog/str, C- agi/blksh/zone/man
    Solid LB who may skip the RS for back up duty.
    Offered by Navy.

    :3stars: juco jr DT(104) Jabari Romero 6'5 272 Redwood City, CA
    C+ str/power/blksh, C tkl/finmv/purs/power
    He'll start for the next two years. It'll be nice to get some beef back on the line.
    Beat out Snoopy for this one.

    :2stars: juco so G(149) Dan Johnson 6'1 311 Pico Rivera, CA
    B acc, B- psblkftw/psblkstr, C+ psblk
    I guess I'm gonna be moving Dan to T with his pass blocking skillzzz.
    Offered by Stanford.

    :2stars: juco jr DE(172) Kyle Daniels 6'5 242 Palo Alto, CA
    B- str, C tkl/powmv/finmv/blksh/purs/power
    More beef! run stuffing DE will at least see PT in short yardage situations.
    Offered by Oregon St

    :2stars: juco jr G(140) Antonio McDowell 6'2 290 Milpitas, CA
    B- acc, C+ imp/str/psblkftw, C psblk/rnblk/psblkstr
    Fat Tony looks to end up a backup for his short stay, but you never know.
    Offered by Fresno and ASU.

    :2stars: juco jr FS(76) Matt Gray 6' 218 Weatherford, TX
    C+ spd, B+ zone, B power/acc, C+ purs/str, C tackle/press/blksh
    I was originally looking at this guy as an OLB, but if I can't find a CB to move to FS, I'll just keep him where he's at. but he has the size, strength, tackling and marginal speed to make a solid LB.
  15. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

    1|#9 Penn State|W 45-31|HB Corey Douglas 25 CAR 124 YDS 4 TD NPOTW
    2|@Cal|W 51-14|QB EJ Hayden 29-37 410 YDS 5 TD 0 INT
    3|Temple|W 58-10|WR Isaac Jean 8 REC 192 YDS 2 TD
    4|@Utah State|W 41-31|QB EJ Hayden 27-37 326 YDS 1 TD 72 COMP%
    5|U LA Lafayette|W 42-35|HB Douglas 20 CAR 187 YDS 3 TD 3 REC 58 YDS 1 TD CPOTW
    6|@Middle Tennessee|W 35-14|FS Cochran 4 TKL 2 INT 1 FF NPOTW/HB Douglas 324 TOTAL YD 4 Total TD NPOTW
    7|@Idaho|W 48-31|HB Douglas 20 CAR 173 YDS 2 TD 3 BTK
    8|Eastern Michigan|W 41-14|HB Douglas 20 CAR 172 YDS 6 REC 106 YDS 2 TOT TD
    9|@Kentucky|W 42-0|QB Hayden 22-32 450 YDS 5 TDS 1 INT 232.1 RATING
    10|Army|W 38-35|HB Douglas 22 CAR 191 YDS 2 TD
    12|@Western Michigan|L 17-41|TE J Brown 7 REC 96 YDS 1 TD
    13|Kent State|W 58-48|FS Cochran 13 TOT TKL 10 SOLO 1 INT 1 DFL
    B|#4 Miami(Orange)|W 48-19|HB Douglas 21 CAR 81 YDS 2 TD 3 REC 35 YDS 1 TD

    WKU experienced their most successful season yet, going to their first BCS bowl game and shellacking the #4 ranked Miami Hurricanes in their home stadium. 12-1 is a school best season by two games!

    Congratulations to Corey Douglas for winning the Walter Camp and Doak Walker awards while setting new school records:
    School Season
    Rushing TDs-22

    School Career
    Rushing TDs-67

    EJ Hayden

    School Career Passing Yards-9025
    School Career Passing TDs-72
  16. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

    :4stars: QB(8) Travis Marks 6'3 228 Vista, CA
    C speed/acc/agi/carry, B- throw power, C+ accuracy
    About damn time! Finally these high school kids are taking notice of my offensive numbers. Travis doesn't have an elite arm but it's equal to my starting SR as is and it'll only get better. His athleticism is a bonus.
    No other offers.

    :4stars: ATH(14) Pat Bell 6'2 197 Muskegon, MI
    B spd/zone, B- agi/man/purs, C+ acc/recog, C- power
    The beginnings of my MI pipeline. Bell will have a chance to start at FS next year for the departing Cochran.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: ATH(38) Joe O'Donnell 6'1 195 St. Ann, MO
    B spd/acc, B- agi, C+ zone/man, C power, D+ tkl/purs
    O'Donnell will come in and compete with Mr. Bell for the open FS spot. His D+ tackle rating (Bell is D-) keeps him in the discussion despite being outclassed as a cover man.
    No other offers.

    :4stars: WR(26) Matt Jones 5'11 160 Radcliff, KY
    B spd/acc, B- spec/jump, C agi/route/CIT/rel/carry
    Another body to add to a crowded receiving core. Insta committed so I'll take him.
    Offered by Purdue.

    :4stars: ATH(16) Justin Hawthorne 6'1 228 Wilmington, OH
    A+ agi, C+ spd/acc/str/vision, C brktkl, D+ psblk/rnblk
    The dynasty wire says he's a RB but I've recruited him to come in and take over as the starting FB. I'm anxious to see how that A+ agility lends itself to the cause.
    Offered by Pitt.

    :4stars:ESPNU(115) DE(15) Kevin Smith 5'11 239 Davie, FL
    B- acc/tkl/blksh, C+ powmv/finmv/purs/jump, C spd/power, C- str
    Kevin Smith is one of the final pieces to complete my defense and will add a much needed and missed pass rush.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: HB(34) Cameron McConnell 6' 192 Washington, OH
    B+ spd/acc, B spin/juke, B- agi, C truck/elu/stiff/route
    Guy with some speed who won't see any early time and will either grow his already ample skills or be recruited over.
    Offered by Purdue.

    :3stars: JC(SO) DE(75) Charlie Jones 6'2 244 Adamsville, AL
    B- acc/str, C+ tkl/powmv/blksh, C- speed/finmv/purs/power
    Great strength at his position and decent pass rushing capabilities. Glad to bring in this DE along with freshman Kevin Smith. These guys will be given every opportunity to start day one and be multi year starters on, what will be, the best DLine in school history.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: MLB(39) Josh May 6'3 230 Frankfort, KY
    B speed/acc, C strength, C- tkl/blksh, D+ agi/recog/power
    May will be great....on special teams. But some of these guys have proven me wrong before.
    Offers from Ohio and UK.

    :3stars: OLB(57) Joey James 6'1 217 Park Ridge, IL
    B+ speed, B acc/strength, C+ tkl, C recog, D+ man/zone/purs
    Diggin Joey for sure. B+ speed and B strength is a winning combination. + he can cover. He'll be a good one down the line.
    Offer from Idaho.

    :3stars: DE(47) Pat Clayton 6'2 275 Norton, OH
    C speed, B acc, B- power, C+ blksh, C tkl/powmv
    Meh. Pat will come in with 2 other DEs that look to be better but you never know and I need someone to step up at DE.
    Offers from Purdue and BC.

    :3stars: T(44) Tyler Taylor 6'5 286 Gray, LA
    C+ psblk ftw/rnblk ftw/acc, C runblk/psblk str, C- psblk/rnblk str
    LA pipeline here I come! Taylor isn't anything special outside of size.

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